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As part of the Wikimedia Foundation’s planning to support the Movement Strategy, the Communications department is conducting research on the state of Wikimedia brands.

The goal is to understand the wide system of Wikimedia project brands (names, logos, perceptions) in 2018, and examine what could be improved to support Wikimedia 2030. The outcomes of this research project are a "brand report" and a “brand strategy.” In 2019, the Foundation's Communications department is sharing the project's outcomes (research and strategy) for review with Wikimedia community members. Our goal is to collect feedback from more than 80% of affiliates and as many individual contributors as possible before developing next steps including any Wikimedia brand changes. This Community Review will run from February to May 2019.

The project in brief


  • Clarify and expand Wikimedia and Wikipedia brand architecture to help us reach the objectives outlined in our global strategic direction.
  • Develop messaging guidance to grow public perception and support to achieve our vision in its true and global sense.

Target audience

  • مستخدمو الإنترنت
    • With particular focus in emerging internet markets
  • General public
    • We’ll need to evaluate how the Wikimedia brands continue to relate to any/all humans


  • Brand research and positioning analysis
  • Brand strategy documents
  • Brand voice & messaging guidelines


  • Planning: March - May 2018
  • Project kick-off: June 2018

Phase 1: Research

  • Research reviewed: July 2018
  • Research completed: August 2018

Phase 2: Strategy

  • Strategy drafted: September 2018
  • Strategy complete: November 2018

Phase 3: Activation examples

  • Messaging drafted: December 2018
  • Messaging complete: January 2019


Community advisers

Consulted at Wikimania 2018 and throughout project stages

  • Abraham Taherivand
  • Jan Apel
  • Subhashish Panigrahi

Foundation staff

  • Zack McCune - project lead
  • Heather Walls
  • Jorge Vargas
  • Charles Roslof
  • Nirzar Pangarkar
  • Margeigh Novotny
  • Guillaume Paumier
  • Ben Vershbow

Communications Department support

  • Lena Traer
  • Blanca Flores

Strategic partner

To support our work on brand research & strategy, we are working with an organization called Wolff Olins. Wolff Olins specializes in brand research, positioning, strategic development, messaging, and design. They will guide the overall work for this project, organizing and completing key original research, workshops, positioning, and messaging guidelines.

We chose to work with Wolff Olins due to their considerable expertise in working with human-focused non-profit brands including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and Amnesty International. Their proposal for this project fit our needs for original inquiry, strategic planning, and new international growth better than all other prospective partners. We are thrilled to be working with them.

Previous research


Community leaders discuss the future of Wikimedia brands during a workshop at Wikimania 2018 in Cape Town
Wikimedia Foundation staff collaborate during the August 2018 workshop

مارس 2018

  • Defined project scope
  • Developed project brief
  • Contacted 8 potential international brand research & strategy partners
    • Criteria: Proven experience working for large companies (non-profits and knowledge orgs preferred) across languages and culture
  • Requested proposals and prospective project costs

أبريل 2018

  • Reviewed responses from 6 agencies
  • Selected 2 top partners for final review
  • Developed project team

مايو 2018

  • Selected international research & strategy partner: Wolff Olins

يونيو 2018

  • Developed project scope and timeline
  • Set 7 nations for "brand perception" research (Nigeria, India, Mexico, Egypt, China, USA, Germany)
  • Partner conducted 10 kick-off stakeholder interviews
  • Partner hosted "Brand Immersion" workshop at Wikimedia Foundation office in San Francisco

يوليو 2018

  • Conducted 7 interviews with Community Leaders at Wikimania (representing Nigeria, India, Mexico, Egypt, China, Germany)
  • Conducted 4 interviews with members of the Board of Trustees (including Board Chair and Jimmy Wales)
  • Hosted "brand immersion" workshop with members of ComCom and conference attendees
  • Introduced research team to Wikidata product team members

أغسطس 2018

  • Completed brand research with 150 participants in 5 languages across 7 nations
  • Hosted second brand workshop at Wikimedia Foundation office in San Francisco with remote participation from Germany and Jordan
    • Reviewed brand research
    • Examined brand positioning
    • Discussed 3 potential "playgrounds" for how the brand could be further developed
  • Project team shared potential "playgrounds" with their colleagues/departments for further comment

سبتمبر 2018

  • Hosting third brand workshop at Wikimedia Foundation office in San Francisco with remote participation from Germany and Jordan
    • Reviewing first draft of brand architecture and positioning

أكتوبر 2018

  • Hosted fourth brand workshop (remote) to review second draft of brand architecture and positioning
    • Shared draft strategic recommendations (architecture and positioning) with Executive Director and Board chairs for feedback
    • Agreed to share "final" brand strategy suggestions at November 9 Board meeting

نوفمبر 2018

  • Presented brand research and strategy findings to Board at November 9 meeting
    • This 90 minute presentation included discussion of brand history, importance of project identities, and recommendations for how to continue project with broad consultation of Wikimedia communities
    • Also had chance to present brand research and strategy findings to members of the Movement Strategy core group

ديسمبر 2018

  • Began planning for 6-month community consultation and alignment

يناير 2019

  • Began working with Community Relations in the Foundation's Community Engagement department to finalize consultation planning
  • Developed consultation plan to reach more than 80% of affiliates over the next 4 months, including brand presentations and interviews at Iberoconf, Wiki Arabia, Wiki Indaba, and the Wikimedia Summit in Berlin

فبراير 2019 – مايو 2019

Reports & Outcomes