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Future Audiences/Community discussions

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May 13, 2024, 14:00 UTC Annual Planning – Spanish/Latin America


  • Intro to Future Audiences – what it is and why WMF is doing it (10 min)
  • Discussion: LATAM-specific traffic trends: Look at Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan/2023-2024/Reports/Core Metrics Q2/Appendix#By user region together and discuss: what may be contributing to traffic declines in Latin America? What different factors may be at play (for example: country-specific, audience-specific, demographic, technological, other)? How aware are communities of these trends and has there been any discussion/proposed actions? What could be a good next step to continue this discussion with the broader Spanish and Portuguese communities? (30 min)
  • Other important trends to think about/discuss as a movement (i.e., what's happening in related sectors – i.e., education; digital literacy; advocacy, etc.) (10 min)
  • Interpretation in Spanish, but anyone is welcome. We are also looking into interpretation in Portuguese.
To participate:

Zoom link.

You can also email futureaudiences(_AT_)wikimedia.org to get reminders for this and future calls.

May 5, 2023 Annual Planning focus group
August 3, 2023 Monthly call
September 14, 2023 Monthly call

"Conversational AI & Social apps"

Part 1, Part 2

October 19, 2023 Monthly call
  1. AI & attribution presentation
  2. Engaging youth on third-party video platforms:
    1. Basque Ikusgela presentation
    2. WMUK TikTok channel
    3. WMF TikTok experiment
December 14, 2023
  • A collaborative mapping of possible strategies the Wikimedia movement could pursue to ensure that Wikimedia content and communities continue to thrive in the face of changing technology and user behavior trends
  • A brief recap of some conversations on this topic that began at WikiConference North America last month, then collectively map out and discuss the key features, risks, and opportunities of several potential strategies
  • This mapping will inform the annual Wikimedia Foundation External Trends update
15 February 2024 Monthly call
  • Welcome, context of 'future audiences'
  • @14:40 - Conclusion of ChatGPT plugin experiment (report & slides);
  • 35:00 - introduction of "citation needed" browser extension experiment
  • 55:00 - invittion to "AI Sauna" event, Helsinki
Recording (& transcript)
April 18, 2024 Focusing on Citation Needed.