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Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees/Call for feedback: Community Board seats/Reports/2021-02-13 Meeting in the 6th Virtual ESEAP meeting

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2021-02-13 Meeting in the 6th Virtual ESEAP meeting[edit]

The 6th monthly virtual meeting conducted by the ESEAP Hub was attended by 19 community representatives from Wikimedia Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, New Zealand and Hongkong. After the presentation of the various ideas proposed by both the Board and the community, the conversation resulted in the following feedback:

Regional Representation

One community member responded by supporting the regional seat allocation and consideration matching with qualification that a board would need and rotation on underrepresented regions/ communities since seat/s are very limited. Asaf (non-ESEAP, guest) responded with an opinion that while a diversity of representation on the board is important and desirable, it might not be as effective as may be considered in transmitting direct opinions of the region or group - the point of the role is to is to enrich the board's thinking about all business before it, by providing more perspectives. Board members are not accordingly tribunes of the people. This comment was agreed by 5 community attendees. Another community member replied back saying what is the point of having a representation from a community and not represent them on the Board and continued to say that in his opinion, regional representation is pointless. The community elects somebody from their own region, especially those underrepresented, to bring their concerns up there (board). A new community member mentioned that not having a person from your country or region does not mean you are powerless or voiceless.

Action Required

From the community: They will inform other members of the community to share their feedback

From the facilitator : Continue to set meetings with various communities in the region to listen to more insights