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2021-02-16 Meet Up with French Canadian Communities


  • Mahuton - (Facilitation for the French language) Facilitator
  • Bachounda - (Facilitation support for French language and MENA region.)(notetaker)
  • Ahmed Houamel (Quebec)
  • Rency Inson Michel (Haiti)

Ideas discussed[edit]

Vetting of candidates, Selection Committee, Quotas

Vetting of candidates[edit]

A participant said that criteria based on expertise and experience are needed to select candidates with experience in movement projects.

Selection Committee[edit]

Participants said that it is ok if the Board delegates the selection committee


Both of the participants suggested a new idea of language quotas. For participants, Setting percentages for gender has always been discriminatory.

Board functioning[edit]

With a board already composed of 10 members and 3 more, the three remaining seats for the community are not enough to cover the minority gap.

New ideas suggested[edit]

A participant suggested the idea of language quotas