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Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees/Call for feedback: Community Board seats/Reports/2021-02-18 Wikimedia CH

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  • Jenny Ebermann, Executive Director
  • Ulrich Lantermann, Community Liaison (German)
  • Kerstin Sonnekalb, Head of Communications

General remarks[edit]

The Call for Feedback is regarded as well thought and rather complete. Due to this there is trust in the process coming finally to a convincing and efficient result.

In general, any solution is welcome which combines direct community participation with the need for skills and experiences and an adequate representation of currently underrepresented regions. A combination of the Call for Types of Skills & Experience or the Vetting for Candidates with a direct vote and regional seats was considered as fitting for all needs. Quotas in a broad sense are slightly opposed.


The conversation was an introductory one. It was agreed, that a second meeting with Wikimedia CH will be held during the coming weeks, where a more detailed feedback can be delivered.