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Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees/Call for feedback: Community Board seats/Reports/2021-02-23 Conversation with Noircir Wikipedia community

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  • Mahuton - Facilitation for French language Facilitator
  • Bachounda - Facilitation support for French language and MENA region (notetaker)
  • Moumou82
  • Kalonda
  • AfricanadeCuba
  • Zythème
  • Flor
  • Kindo
  • Score Beethoven
  • Lisa84

Ideas discussed[edit]

Quotas and Specialization seats


A participant is in favor of both regional and gender quotas. All participants agreed that having a quota for under-represented groups like Trans people, LGBT+ groups is a good idea. Participants suggested that the quota criteria could be updated at each election round to take into account the diversity in the movement at the moment of elections.

Specialization seats[edit]

A participant suggested that the specialization should be based on the knowledge of the candidate of a specific region or community. For example, a candidate who has the best understanding of the Africa community and its needs.

Support for candidates[edit]

A participant suggested that to give all the necessary support like coaching, budget for candidates and particularly for those from under-represented groups.