Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees/Call for feedback: Community Board seats/Reports/2021-02-27 Meeting with Wikimedia RU

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The meeting with the representative of Wikimedia Russia and the leader of the North Caucasian User Group took place on January 27, Saturday. Specifically discussed the entire feedback process, and discussed point by point each idea that was submitted to the community for consideration.

  • Ranked voting system: For the WMRU representative, the principle of the system is clear and assessed as normal, but one can also criticize it for its shortcomings. He thinks it might be better to leave this system for the future.
  • Quotas: He doesn’t like placing quotas on the board. He assesses this system as American and not the best in our situation.
  • Vetting of candidates: He strongly dislikes this idea and rejected it.
  • Board-delegated selection committee: He also doesn't like this idea, as it is not transparent.
  • Community-elected selection committee: The idea is normal, but doesn't prefer to see it during the BoT elections.
  • Election of confirmed candidates: This idea, as an already existing one, is the best and perhaps it is worth preserving the status quo.
  • Direct appointment of confirmed candidates: Was rated as one of the worst ideas.
  • Regional seats: Not a bad idea and it is possible to implement it, but we need to take into account the number of the population and size of wikiprojects by region. It might be difficult to take everything into account.
  • Specialization seats: Doesn't see the point of this idea, it can also be included in the quotas if necessary.