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Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees/Call for feedback: Community Board seats/Reports/2021-03-06 Wikimedia Hongkong

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2021-03-06 Feedback from a Wikimedia Hongkong Member[edit]

Number of Participants :1
Participant responded anonymously to a survey regarding the Call for Feedback
General feedback[edit]

The community member fervently asked to be anonymous so as not to create any misunderstanding in the future as he is also outside the territory. He said that he has been watching the conversations as well as the proposed ideas and appreciates the Board having its ears turned in to the voice of the community.

Ideas discussed[edit]
Direct appointment of Candidate
  • The respondent welcomes this idea and thinks that the selection committee will not refer an inferior candidate that will just sit on the Board. The community-elected selection committee will choose the best and the brightest ones that deserve to be on the Board.
Regional Seats
  • The community member said this is also a good idea as representation is strong in regions especially when the Hubs will be institutionalized, regional seats will add more voices to the respective regions.
Specialization Seats
  • A healthy Board whose members are well balanced in terms of skills and specialization empowers the Board even more. Some dependence on staff and committee will also be minimized with a healthy and balanced, skill-worthy Board.
Support for Candidates
  • This is a fresh and brave idea. But if we really look at it, this is an innovative approach to making global leaders. There is no one-size fits all characteristics of a best Board member. But since we can acquire skills, we can learn and we can adapt, why not at the early stage of the candidacy, spend some resources for qualified candidates? And since most of the candidates come form the community, a little helping hand from the Foundation will support them towards becoming a better candidate and possibly a winning member of the Board.