Wikimedia Foundation elections/2020/Board of Trustees/Candidates

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Info The elections have not begun. Candidates and votes will not be accepted.
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This page contains candidates for the 2020 Wikimedia Foundation Board elections. Members of the 2020 Wikimedia Foundation Elections Committee, or the Wikimedia Foundation staff, will verify wiki based candidate requirements. Wikimedia Foundation staff will verify identification and later verify offline candidate requirements. Verification of wiki based requirements and identification will be identified on this page. Offline candidate requirements will be verified at a later stage.

Statements provided by candidates who are not eligible to run in this election will be archived on a subpage.

Statements by any candidates who withdraw will be archived here.

The three individuals selected by the community will join these members of the Board of Trustees:

Name Languages Location
Tanya Capuano en-N United States of America
Shani Evenstein Sigalov (Esh77) he-N, en-4 Israel
Nataliia Tymkiv (NTymkiv (WMF)) uk-N, en-4, ru-4 Ukraine
Jimmy Wales (Jimbo Wales) en-N United Kingdom
Lisa Lewin en-N United States