Wikimedia Ghana User Group/Equipment List and Log Book

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Item Quantity Description Purpose Year Purchased Condition & Status
Mi-Fi hotspot routers 5 Mi-Fi devices Mi-Fi's to help connect volunteers to the internet 2013 - 2018 2 currently outmoded

3 available

Wi-Fi routers 2 Connect volunteers and workshop participants to internet 2018 2 available
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Tablet) 2 Bought in place of laptops because of mobility of travelling facilitators 2013 1 missing

1 available

Extension boards 3 Used when wall sockets are not enough or far from laptop users at events 2018 3 available
Master chef stainless steel hot/cool liquids dispenser 1 Dispense hot beverages at events 2018 Available
Projector 1 For events 2013 Available
Banners 2 For event branding 2018 Available
SD Cards 2 SanDisk 32 GB 80 MB/s For event photoraphy 2020 Available