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Wiki Circle

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The Wiki Circle aims to improve communication and cooperation among the many different types and sizes of groups (chapters, thematic orgs, usergroups, informal groups) working in the Wikimedia universe.

This is an opportunity to look at no-budget projects that can help bring us all together, for example group peer review.

New: Wiki Circle/Meta Collaboration of the Month

Inaugurating pair conversation process[edit]

We will jumpstart relationships through a system of peer-to-peer video chats between "sister" groups with a couple of members on either side, facilitating peer review and reporting that may eventually be published in a kind of journal of international exchange.

Hopefully this can be of use in itself, and also lead to more intensive collaborations in future,

Groups interested in pair conversations[edit]

Please include the group name (can be chapters, thematic orgs, usergroups, informal groups) and a contact person. You can also include what type of group you'd like to be paired with (the pairing isn't permanent, you can do this many times with many partners).

Priority will be given to matchmaking of groups based on different continents!

Groups will be paired based on when they are ready to hold a conversation and what they're looking for, and then they can work out exact video chat details.

First session: May - June 2015[edit]

Include your group's name, and a contact person.

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