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Wikimedia Japan-Malaysia Friendship/Wiktionary Editathon 2023

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Screenshot of some participants during the editathon on Zoom

The Wikimedia Japan-Malaysia Friendship Wiktionary Editathon is the second activity organised together with Wikimedians between the two countries after the launch of the project and was the first activity that involved Wikimedians from Medan, Indonesia (Wikimedia Medan Community). This editathon focused on editing on the Japanese and Malay Wiktionary with the theme of "Indigenous Languages" in conjunction with Indigenous Peoples' Day and was organised simultaneously in Zoom.


Basic information[edit]

The editathon was held on:

  • Date: Saturday, October 7, 2023
  • Time: 20:00–22:00 UTC+8 / 21:00–23:00 UTC+9
  • Venues:


Japan Time (UTC+9) Malaysia Time (UTC+8) Activities
21:00–21:15 20:00–20:15 Greetings from Wikimedians in Japan, Medan (Indonesia), and Malaysia
21:15–23:00 20:15–22:00 Editathon
23:00–23:10 22:00–22:10 Results of the editathon


Malaysian users Japanese users Medan users
WAqil Eugene Ormandy Lim Natee
Ultron90 Takenari Higuchi Agus Damanik
Tofeiku Astari28
Zahirulnukman HaidirAndiNovianto
Jilorisa Rafarahh
Jjurieee Salsa66syifa
Michelina Michael WanaraLima
PeaceSeekers Zhilal Darma


Full results can be found in the Outreach Dashboard.


This editathon was attended by a total of 18 users: 8 users from Malaysia, 8 users from Medan (Indonesia), and 2 users from Japan. The editathon resulted in the creation of a total of 84 new articles: 68 articles in the Malay Wiktionary and 16 articles in the Japanese Wiktionary. 40 new articles were by the Malaysian users, 16 new articles were by the Japanese users, and 28 articles were by the Medan users. A total of 25 existing articles were improved: 16 articles in the Malay Wiktionary, 8 articles in the Japanese Wiktionary, and 1 article in the Indonesian Wiktionary. 7 improved articles were by the Malaysian users, 8 improved articles were by the Japanese users, and 10 improved articles were by the Medan users.

List of articles created[edit]

List of articles improved[edit]


Participants Articles created Articles improved
Malaysia 40 7
Japan 16 8
Medan 28 10
Total 84 25

Comments from participants[edit]


From Malaysian participants[edit]

It was an enjoyable experience to learn new words in indigenous languages of Japan such as the Ainu language. Thank you!

From Medan participants[edit]

It was a good opportunity and enjoyable experience to learn how to edit the Malay Wiktionary and we can add the local languanges that we have to the Malay Wiktionary. We really love this collaboration. And hopefully in the future we will have further collaborative activities. Thank you!

From Japanese participants[edit]

It was a good opportunity for us to learn Malay language and Central Dusun language. We love this international collaboration. Thank you!