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Wikimedia Northern Europe Meeting 2018
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WikiNEM organizational compass[edit]

Purpose of the Northern Europe Wikimedia collaboration

To do awesome stuff together by establishing a framework for active collaboration in Northern Europe, identifying common issues and using our expertise and resources in dealing with and developing them.


The way we lead ourselves is guided by

  • Empathy
  • Responsibility
  • Courage
  • Listening
  • Supportive environment, making action and participation possible
  • Fairness
  • Inclusivity
  • Motivation
  • Showing by doing
  • Vision aware
  • Communication


See the collection of visions for Wikimedia Northern Europe from participants.

WikiNEM open space topics[edit]

Below is the list of topics proposed by participants during the WikiNEM open space session. Each topic has a link to the discussion notes.

WikiNEM Topics Session 1[edit]

1 Members are important for the chapter because... Hogne 5 link to notes.
2 How can we support our region's minority and indigenous languages? Jon Harald, Kim, Astrid 9 link to notes.
3 Good behaviour/bad behavour in Wikipedia Johanna, Minna 6 link to notes.
4 Next steps for our cooperation John Andersson 6 link to notes.
5 How will we be inclusive in the future Heikki 2 link to notes.

WikiNEM Topics Session 2[edit]

1 Are there nordic funding opportunities we can discuss Astrid 4 link to notes
2 Wikimania, how can I help? Johanna 4 link to notes.
3 What gender gap projects can we create together? Jorid 8 link to notes.
4 Technology - what problems/ideas do the communities have? Edgars 8 link to notes.
5 Costal maritime cultural and environment Salvör 2 link to notes.

WikiNEM Topics Session 3[edit]

1 Role of Wikimedia in changing media landscape: social goals, tech tools & partnerships in Nordic region ? refocused into less general topic
2 Wikimedia PR: information material, raising awareness, public relations Lennart, Karen, Finn 6 link to notes.
3 Regular regional "Mini-Wikimanias" in order to stimulate community and volunteers Bengt 4 link to notes.
4 Education, universitites, Wikimedia in schools, training the teachers, MOOCs name 7 link to notes.

WikiNEM Topics Session 4[edit]

1 Communication platform Mārtiņš and Matthias 9 link to notes.
2 GLAM partnerships Axel 10 link to notes.
3 How can larger groups help smaller chapters and user groups grow? Matthias 10 link to notes.
4 Where can we have next WikiNEM? John 3 link to notes.

WikiNEM Topics Session 5 Sunday[edit]

1 Mastering Notablility Karen 5 link to notes.
2 Gender representation in our affiliates Astrid 9 link to notes.
3 Abbriviation for our region Heikki 4 link to notes.
4 Wiki Science competition Ivo 5 link to notes.
5 Wikimania pre/post conference tours Heikki 3 link to notes.
6 Establishing communiction on Meta Matthias 1-3 link to notes.
7 Where to have the next WikiNEM John 3 link to notes.
8 Wikipedia sister projects and collaborations Märt 4 link to notes.

WikiNEM topics for action planning[edit]

Below is the list of topics proposed for action planning and next steps, based on the previous discussions. Each topic has a link to the action plan.

1 How to cooperate in the Nordic region? Jon and Matthias roughly 14 people link to action plan.
2 Gender issues for the region Astrid 5 link to action plan.
3 Education collaborations Minna 6 link to action plan.
4 Wikimedia PR Finn, Karen 11 link to action plan.
5 GLAM Follow up Merli 7 link to action plan.
6 Collaborations to support minority languages Kimberli & Jon Harald 7 link to action plan.
7 Sister projects & outside collaboration Märt 2 link to action plan.
8 Naming the collaboration in Northern Europe Heikki 4 link to action plan

Organizational profiles[edit]

Lightning talks[edit]