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Wikimedia Northern Europe Meeting 2018/Programme

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Wikimedia Northern Europe Meeting 2018
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About programme activities[edit]

The WikiNEM program has two main interactive activities, the programme below specifies the kind of engagement each activity require from participants:

WikiNEM Organizational Compass

is a big group activity that will help us identify areas and visions for collaboration in the region that will help guide us to achieve our goals for Wikimedia Northern Europe. The outcome of the activity will be documented on wiki and the activity is facilitated by Ulrika.

In order to facilitate our group discussion during the organizational compass, we have prepared a list of key words and what they mean in this context.
Feel free to prepare by finding a translation in your language.
  • purpose – the intention with the network. What is the reason for a Northern Europe Wikimedia collaboration to exist?
  • vision – a dream for the future. What do we want to achieve in the next five years?
  • leadership – what values should characterize our leadership to achieve the purpose. A guide for ourselves to know what is important when when leading onself. It is not about identifying someone as a leader, but to identify what kind of leadership is important for the group.
  • community – who is involved? Volunteers, partners, allies and mission aligned organizations. Actors and stakeholders.
  • management – how to organize our work and communicate with each other.

WikiNEM Open Space

is a meeting activity where the particpants set the agenda based on a theme and a question. The WikiNEM open space focuses on topics that participants need to discuss to move things forward with Wikimedia collaborations in the region. Based on the agenda of topics, different working groups will form and each group will write up a report on a perpared digital document. All reports are part of the outcome and will specifically contribute to next steps for collaborations in the region.

  • See the documentation from this session at:
  1. Wikimedia Northern Europe Meeting 2018/Documentation#WikiNEM open space topics
  2. Wikimedia Northern Europe Meeting 2018/Documentation#Topics for action planning

Other program activities

other activities include introductions, gallery walk, Lightning talks and closing.

Times may be adjusted.

Friday 5 October[edit]

Time Conference opening and dinner Venue

18:00 Registration

18.10 Welcome address

18:20 Group activities

ramlös 19:15 Dinner (Italian buffet)

Engagement with this activity: This is a "get to know" activity with small group interactions. Participants will make short introductions. We will also get familiar with the rooms and facilities of the meeting venue.


Saturday 6 October[edit]

Time Programme activity Room[1]
09:00-09:30 Start of Meeting

Engagement with this activity: small and big group discussions to set a framework of guidelines for the remainder of the meeting.

The annex
09:30-12:00 Wikimedia Northern Europe: Organizational Compass

To identify important issues for regional collaboration and a shared understanding of goals and visions beyond the first meeting.

Engagement with this activity: The activity is run by the facilitator and will be focused on organization and community reflection, learning, and development in the context of Wikimedia Northern Europe. All meeting participants will asked to contribute ideas to questions about purpose, vision, leadership, community and management.

The annex
12:00-13:00 ramlösGROUP PHOTO +ramlösLunch (Vegetarian wraps) The workspace
13:00-14:00 WikiNEM Open Space

First Introduction to the open space part of the meeting given by the facilitator with instructions about rules of the open space and how to use the board to display the agenda.

Theme of WikiNEM open space: Wikimedia Northern Europe – Issues & Opportunities (may be adjusted depending on results from the morning session)

Question: What do you need to discuss in order to move things forward?

Engagement with this activity: All participants will be asked to propose one or several topics on the agenda board that they think can contribute to the theme.

The annex
14:00-16:30 WikiNEM Open Space

Engagement with this activity: The open space agenda starts and participants join working groups based on instructions from the facilitator. All groups will be have a digital document (see below) for notes and insights to form the basis for a report from the group on the topic discussed.

Link to digital discussion note template (copy this master template to make your own).

The annex+ The workspace

16:30-17:00 WikiNEM Open Space

All participants come back to the annex for wrapping up the day with some announcements and "evening news".

The annex
17:00-18:00 Gallery walk

Organizational profiles will be on display in a "gallery" in the annex.

Engagement with this activity: Similar to a "poster session", one team member should be able to stay next to the organizational profile to answer follow up questions from other participants. Participants mingle to view and give feedback.

The annex
Own time

Sunday 7 October[edit]

Time Programme activity Room
09:00-10:00 Lightning talks
  • Sofie Jansson: Opportunities with Wikimania in Northern Europe
  • Salvör Kristjana Gissurardóttir: Small language Wikipedias on the example of Islandic Wikipedia
  • Mārtiņš Bruņenieks: "CEE Spring — running international article contest in 25 languages"
  • Finn Årup Nielsen: "GLAM, uploads, licenses et al."
  • Heikki Kastemaa: "Rephotography - what, how and why"
  • Jon Harald Søby: "Wikimedia Norge's Northern Sami project as an idea for Nordic cooperation"
  • Ivo Kruusamägi: "Five examples on outreach activities in Estonia"
The terrace
10:30-12:00 WikiNEM Open Space

Engagement with this activity: The open space agenda continues with and working groups on new and remaining topics. All groups make sure to finalise any remaining reports on discussed topics, in the digital documents.

The annex+


12:00-13:00 ramlösLunch (Sallad buffet) The workspace
13:00-15:00 WikiNEM Open Space

Harvesting, reporting and next step.

Engagement with this activity: All meeting participants resemble in the annex to jointly look at all the topics discussed. Participants may present findings from the digital report and the big group work together to summarize patterns and define actions to be taken after the meeting.

Link to digital template for action plan.

The annex
15:00-16:00 Closing the meeting

The annex

  1. The venue is Goto10 and all rooms are located on the ground floor adjacent to each other.