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This is the old list of participants that lists persons who expressed interest in joining Wikimedia Philippines. Some of these people are formally inducted as member of Wikimedia Philippines.

NOTE: If you are one of the below participants who are not formally inducted as a member of Wikimedia Philippines, you MUST fill out this form to continue your membership process. Alternatively, you can email Wikimedia Philippines at membership(_AT_) Take note that filling out the form is just a first step of the membership process. To complete the process, your application must be approved by the Board of Trustees and you must pay applicable fees.

If you are not in the list and you want be a member of Wikimedia Philippines, do not list your name here. Instead follow the instructions above on how to complete your membership process. This page serves as an archive and it is no longer use to register members.

For the list of members, see this page: Wikimedia Philippines/Members.


Names listed on the first participants' list from Sky Harbor's user page[edit]

  1. James Joshua G. Lim (Sky Harbor)*
  2. Ace Christian F. Serraon (Justox dizaola)
  3. Phillip Kimpo, Jr. (Corsarius)*
  4. Jose Roel G. Balingit (Scorpion prinz)*
  5. Kevin Ray N. Chua (Emperork)
  6. Edward James F. Desiderio (Weekeejames)*
  7. Eugene Alvin S. Villar (Seav)*
  8. Allan Paolo C. Barazon (Titopao)*
  9. Jesus Nicardo M. Falcis (Berserkerz Crit)*
  10. Joseph F. Ballesteros (Jojit fb)*

Names listed on the second participants' list from meta[edit]

  1. Tony Ahn (ɳorɑfʈ)
  2. Ryan James Tamayo Amparo (Felipe Aira)
  3. Roy V. Aragon (saluyot)*
  4. Roman "Butch" Bustria Jr. (exec8)*
  5. Relly P. Bautista (User:Cloudhand)*
  6. F.A. Calica (en:User:Bluemask, tl:User:Bluemask, commons:User:Bluemask) *
  7. Dave Vergel B. Castro, CE, SE, RMP (Ben Tumbling (meta); Ben Tumbling (war))
  8. Romnick C. Coros (Tagalog; English)*
  9. Raymond de Chavez (ra_dech)
  10. Matt Dela Peña (Dizflip)
  11. Timothy James M. Dimacali (TJ Dimacali)*
  12. King Erlano (wapogwapo)*
  13. Harvey B. G. Fiji (Harvzsf (meta); Harvzs (war))
  14. Steven A.Fung (Steven*fung)
  15. Kim Gargar (Kgargar)*
  16. Cedrik Ben A. Gayares (Lenticel)
  17. Glenda R. Gonzales (gglenda)*
  18. Michael Philip P. Gonzalez (TheCoffee)*
  19. Gil L. Gregorio (Geopoet)*
  20. Kurt M. Guirnela (Kguirnela)*
  21. Vincent S. Isles (Bentong Isles)*
  22. Mike A. Kouklis Kalibo, Aklan --Chief Mike 11:48, 17 August 2007 (UTC)[reply]
  23. R.E. de Leon (alternativity)*
  24. J.D.M. Libiran (meta: al jibril) (en: al jibril) (tl: al jibril)*
  25. Jonas S. Lopez (Eaglestorm)*
  26. J Maliper (19superman86;thebrownprince)*
  27. M.O. Manato (meta: rebskii) (en: rebskii) (tl: rebskii)
  28. John Martinez Jondel)*
  29. L.C. Diaz Melgarejo (Tagalog, Ilokano and English wikipedia, English wiktionary commons, and meta)
  30. Reonell B. Odarve ([[[User:Planeswalker|Planeswalker]]])*
  31. Michael Glen U. Ong (JinJian)*
  32. Jeremy "Merrick" P. Romero (Meta Wiki: Lee Heon Jin), (English Wiki: Lee Heon Jin), (Tagalog WIki: Lee Heon Jin), (Kapampangan Wiki: Lee Heon Jin)
  33. Rey Callope Sabio User: Abiso*
  34. Tristan Marco San Andres (Chitetskoy)*
  35. Juned Sonido
  36. Joseph S. Solis (Joseph Solis in Australia)*
  37. Christopher Sundita (Christopher Sundita)
  38. John Lemar M. Tirao (en:User:The Wandering Traveler) (English), (The Wandering Traveler) (Tagalog)
  39. Jordan D. Zacarias ((Jordz)*
  40. Jojo Esposa Jr. (Jomanila)
  41. Karl John S. Abenir (Tagalog Wikipedia) (Mananaliksik)
  42. Samuel L. Corpuz, Jr. (Alphapeta)
  43. Kjerrrimyr "Ryoma" Andres (Ryomaandres - English Ryomaandres - Tagalog)
  44. Steven Rae Niño "Giboy" S. Baldesco (Stevenphil)
  45. Marlet B. Badeo (Marletbadeo)
  46. Joseph Samuel
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