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In the Communications tab, you will find resources that will help advance our mission. They cover everything from storytelling and messaging to social media. These are resources created in collaboration with the Communications Committee and the Foundation.

Resource Staff who can give direct support
* Storytelling and messaging: How to best communicate our mission? What are best practices in intercultural communications? Find resources to create good stories here.
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* Press: Find resources to better understand how to respond to journalists, pitch a story, and how to handle press in general.
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* Design and branding: Learn what are basic guidelines with the Wikimedia brands, find design guidelines and other guides on communication-related topics.
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* Blog and social media: Find resources to create a digital communications strategy, that integrates blog and social media networks.
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* Audience research: Learn how to do audience research, what you can learn from it, and find templates that you can use for your own research.
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* Capacity building: Learn the basics on how to create a communications strategy to achieve your goals.
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* Communications resource center: Learn where communications resources are and how to contribute your knowledge, too.
* Communications committee: Learn about the communications committee, and how it supports communications efforts across the Wikimedia movement.