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This is to notify everyone that the Wikimedia South Africa Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday the 28th November 2015.

If you are unable to attend the event in person in Cape Town then please let me know so I can organise a Google Hangout event so you can join electronically. Please give me your email so I can send you a Hangout invitation.


Date: Saturday, 28th November 2015
Time: 10:00 - 13:00
Location: TwentyFifty, 2nd Floor, 8 Spin Street, Cape Town. (just above the "Bread, Milk, and Honey" cafe')

Due to the fact that a number of the directors of Wikimedia South Africa could not attend on any other date it was agreed that we would host the event in late November instead of early November. It was agreed to host this AGM in Cape Town again so as to coincide with the award ceremony for Wiki Loves Monuments (which will be on the same day) as well as to best serve the wishes expressed at the last Wiki-meetup in Cape Town. We also have a readily available space in Cape Town to host the AGM.


An infographic expanding on some of the findings from the 2015 online survey of South African Wikipedians.
An infographic summarizing key statistics about the status of Afrikaans Wikipedia in 2015. A copy of this info graphic was displayed at Wikimania 2015.
  • House keeping: attendance and membership
  • WMZA financials
  • 2015 update
  • Advocacy: Freedom of Panorama in SA- amending the Copyright Act of 1978
  • Projects: Wiki Loves Monuments, Jobergpedia, edit-a-thons (Wiki Primary School, WLM), Wiki From Above, Kiwix
  • Funding status with Wikimedia Foundation
  • Results from the community survey (see infograpic for summary)
  • Strategy moving forward: based on needs expressed in the survey
  • Objectives for the Chapter
  • Reducing systemic bais, increasing diversity of editors and members
  • Making editing easier
  • Improving presence in Gauteng
  • Strategy to achieve these objectives
  • Election of new board and appointment of new chapter president