Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting/11 September 2017

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11 September 2017 (originally planned for 4 September 2017 but date was moved due to low attendance)


  • House keeping
  • Annual grant requests
  • AGM
  • af.wikipedia admin controversy


  • Ian
  • Deon
  • Douglas
  • Raymond
  • Coenraad (8:00 arrives)

Quorum reached.


  • Bobby
  • Dumi had trouble connecting


House keeping[edit]

  • Mail 2 laptops from Cape Town to JHB for Dumi - cost est.
  • Will drop off laptops with Coenraad at his office at 6 Spin Street.

Annual grant requests[edit]


  • Adding line items for a salaried employee. Can pay back if underspent / not used.
  • Douglas to discuss with Ellie person's capacity to assist with Wikimania
  • Follow-up meeting to discuss role & capacity
  • Added Wikipedian in residence line item and salaried employee


  • 25th Nov - Last Saturday of November
  • Will be in Cape Town at 6 Spin Street House

af.wikipedia admin controversy[edit]

  • Deon gives an update on the situation
  • WMZA will not make a statement on this issue.
  • Individual members are free to give their own input on the issue
  • Afrikaans Wikipedia is growing, therefore more debates like this will happen in the future, therefore needs to develop conflict management systems. Can take inspiration from other Wikis like en. or de. or nl.
  • Afrikaans Wikipedia would also benefit from a more diverse editor community that more representative of the Afrikaans speaking community.


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