Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting/12 July 2022

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WMZA Board Meeting 12 July 2022

Previous minutes:


  • Coenraad Loubser
  • Douglas Scott
  • Michael Graaf
  • Deon Steyn
  • Khethiwe Marais
  • Shupai Mchuchu


  • Bobby Shabangu (Load shedding)
  • Sincerity Maqueen (Load shedding)


  • Nazeem Hardy
  • Nobantu Modise
  • Tshepiso Ngaleka
  • Hlezi Motha


General Updates[edit]

  • Kiwix* Douglas has been contacted by someone who wants to start rural wifi and Coenraad is willing to assist with this, Douglas will meet up with the () and connect them with Coenraad.
  • Power* Douglas has a UPS, which works well, and it was advised for other fellow members to get on since load shedding is seeming like it is an ongoing thing for the time being.

WMF Grant and reports update[edit]

The chapter has received its grant for the new financial year, documents are signed, and the beginning of this month was the beginning of this year. The financial months are July to June the following year. Reports to be written for the last financial year midterm report (, WMF l is moving to Flux) Shupai to collate project updates for Douglas to compile. We are in the process of collecting projects from board members, this is from July 2021 till June 2022 Shupai to remind Douglas about the spreadsheet of times spent on volunteer times. Coenraad to reference sheet from for volunteer hours unlocked. It was suggested to have a spreadsheet for times when board members volunteer their time to the chapter's work.

Public Benefit Organization Status[edit]

Shupai's task is to request financials from bookkeepers as well as BGC for the financial report. The SARS refund is still in the pipeline, it is seeming a little bit complicated, they're stating that some monies can not be refunded due to some complications. the refund may take some time since we still need to be registered as a PBO, everything which is needed to be handed into SARS has been sent. In regards to SARS and the two interns need to set up a meeting with bookkeepers and confirm UIF, PAYE, tax numbers..etc There is a need to keep a tab on the bookkeepers about seeing to the employment statuses of employees of the chapter. Coenraad to call Bobby and update Bobby and then call Martha


Wikimania Mini event 12-14 August, hosted at UCT we need to get more people to join Wikimania from there and join social events. Will be linked to global events. Bobby applied for and received funding. There's a regional aspect too. *to add to our calendar and media schedule* Active, veteran local Wikipedia editors will be contacted by Douglas and extended personal invitations. A short discussion of hampers and tokens of gratitude ensued, prompted by Coenraad.


Kaaps language Wiki, separate from Afrikaans. Douglas had a meeting with Adam H from UCT and discussed steps to get it on the Wikipedia incubator. MOU with Afrikaans Akademie where Deon is leading a series of workshops.

Website and hosting[edit]

The website has been developed on Squarespace in favor of Wix, WordPress, and other options, and it also solved privacy, hosting, and administration - we got a Techsoup token for Google Workspaces so we will host email there. Coenraad is assisting with registrations and migration. Coenraad to find out if WMF has a VPS we can migrate our Mediawiki to., alternatively keep at 1grid, or move to a VPS, comparing costs. Douglas will update the website and organize a workshop to train people on editing the website.

Board Meeting Protocol[edit]

Request to receive agenda request and draft agenda 2 weeks, 1 week, and a day before board meeting - even if there are no items, to stipulate that- besides the standing agenda updates such as marketing. Nudges about items that required updates. Also to be called and asked to join ops meetings when topics of relevance to the person in question are discussed. Ops meetings are optional unless roped in on a topic

Marketing Update[edit]

Interns are supposed to do this, and Bobby / Nobantu to give updates.