Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting/19 November 2019

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Time: 18h00


  • Adri
  • Bobby
  • Coenraad
  • Deon
  • Douglas
  • Michael
  • Rossouw


Wikimedia Summit Registration[edit]

  • Berlin - April 3-5
  • Need to send someone with experience in movement strategy.
  • Bobby proposes Adri goes, seconded by Douglas, no opposition

Afrikaans competition[edit]

  • Rossouw - - can we allocate R2500 -requested
  • Line item for R10,000 for Puku-Trust which hasn't been used as they are not interested in doing a project with us, which means that we have finances left.
  • Rossouw only needs $170 for the competition. The rest of the money should be used for local language support.

Solidariteit:Maroela Media[edit]

  • Deon - Employees of Maroela Media are doing bad edits.
  • Deon has visited Maroela media 4 times to give training
  • They are copying items from Kennis and Wereldspektrum, 2 Afrikaans encyclopedias, to Wikipedia
  • They are inserting marketing material and non-NPOV material
  • Deon's calls to Cecil Lombard has fallen on deaf ears
  • Douglas: This is an Afrikaans Wikipedia issue, they need to consult their policy, Chapter can only place a consultative role
  • Adri will set up an independent Afrikaans meetup

Strategy Day & AGM Planning[edit]

  • Strategy Day & AGM Planning: We have a venue for the Strat and AGM
  • Email from Paul: Create AGM event page and add Paul's agenda items. Keep this as an open item and discuss it once everyone has a chance to read it.
  • Suggestion to invite board nominations telephonically - Coenraad suggestion that we invite people to a members hangout next week via email and individually for the first week of December - where we invite people to the AGM - and strategy day.
  • Please start adding ideas here:
  • Board members have 1 bed available. We have accommodation requests for 5 and flight requests for 3. Flights will be arranged by end of week by Coenraad.

Jhb City Library Edit Workshop[edit]

  • Bobby - Jhb City Library Edit Workshop - 5 December
  • 2019 is the year of indigenous languages.
  • This workshop was planned since January, but no date has been found yet. The JHB City Library Bookclub would be involved.
  • They agreed. Bobby needs budget for refreshments and modem.
  • Bobby needs to organise a modem/wifi and snacks
  • The library organises the space and computers.
  • Budget: R4000


  • Remainder of Puku trust R10k - ~R7500 to find African Language projects to spend on


  • Next meetup is on 7 December


  • Wikimedia Survey - Douglas to jump on this asap.

Afrikaans Skryfweek[edit]

  • Feedback on Afrikaans Skryfweek - focus on Namibia
  • A lot of articles written and great community.

Wiki Indaba[edit]

  • Wiki Indaba: 40-50 ppl attended.
  • Lots of visa issues.
  • Bad internet at the venue, but many memorable sessions and materials on Commons.
  • How to bridge language gaps and grow African communities.
  • Need to choose the next host - the resolution was reached to choose Uganda. Some of us were hoping for Namibia.

WMZA survey[edit]

  • Douglas to follow up

Communication and social media channels, infrastructure[edit]

From 21 August to 19 November:

  • Twitter: 1487 followers -> 1538
  • Facebook (English): 965 follows (903 likes) -> 965 (899)
  • Facebook (Afrikaans): 319 members -> 391
  • Mailing list (Afrikaans): 313 members. Suspect most are fake, aol addresses, no valid activity for years -> 313
  • Mailing list (English): 280 members -> ??
  • Instagram 122 Followers -> 133
  • Meetup: 103 members -> 113
  • Youtube: 47 subscribers -> 47
  • Zulip: 13 users -> 13