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Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting/20 November 2018

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WMZA Board meeting

20 November 2018 | 19h00 - 20h00


  • Bobby
  • Douglas
  • Ian
  • Michael
  • Rossouw
  • Yonela


  • Adri
  • Coenraad


Afrikaans Writing competition[edit]

  • Planning 15 Dec - 15 Jan destubathon
  • Proposal for Amazon gift vouchers as prize
  • US$140 in total asked for from the 2018 grant budget
  • Rossouw, Adriaan, Gert will be judges for the event based on quanitity of articles destubbed.
  • 5k bit min as a entry requirement


  • Support:
    • Douglas
    • Rossouw
    • Michael
    • Bobby
    • Ian
  • Against
    • none
  • Vote passes. Chapter will purchase US$140 worth of Amazon gift vouchers

Afrikaans Wikipedia Maroela Media[edit]

  • Deon has forwarded email to Douglas and Ian. Ian will forward to board for further discussion

2019 Grant update[edit]

  • Douglas has submitted application - https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Simple/Applications/Wikimedia_South_Africa/2019
  • WMF turned down funding for employee
  • Want to see improvement in reporting track record, improvement in capacity
  • Have suggested short-term contract for a particular project
  • Douglas suggests Wiki Loves Earth
  • Instead of funding for language conference (Afrikaans), suggest scholarships to WikiIndaba (now that's it's been postponed)
  • Michael's Hackathon has been budgeted for under the description "WikiFundi Competition", but still needs to be added to the grant plan wiki.
  • Wiki Loves Earth planned for May (assuming we get contractor)
  • Douglas has run Wiki Loves Monuments before, has good idea of what is needed
  • Will participation be open to board members? Possibly, but certainly not to judges
  • Estimate first prize of about R2000
  • Need to discuss the process of hiring the contractor. Douglas does not see it as himself, but has person in mind.

Infrastructure update[edit]

  • Ian is looking at moving from 1grid as their support is poor and there has been a huge increase in the hosting fee. Unfortunately, we have paid up for the year again. Recommends that we start paying on a monthly basis from 2019/20 onwards whilst looking for other hosting options.
  • Douglas recommends that we start moving the periphery sites (WikiLovesMonuments, WikiIndaba, Jobergpedia, etc) to Wikimedia to save costs and reduce server burden
  • Reuben and Ian have looked into moving the whole website to Wikimedia Foundation servers. Decided against it as we can't then continue to use our existing WMZA url.
  • Those that want to send (and not just receive) emails from their wikimedia.org.za accounts need to have an account. Ian will add those that request.
  • Twitter: Ian to share login details with those that want it

Meeting ends: agree to cover remaining agenda topics at next meeting

Membership system update[edit]

Allocation of board positions and responsibilities[edit]

Planning for 1st Quarterly activities for 2019[edit]

Next board meeting[edit]

  • Ian to create Doodle poll for next meeting (4th or 5th December)