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Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting/4 February 2020

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Board meeting for the 4 February 2020


  • Douglas Scott
  • Coenraad
  • Rossouw


  • Ian
  • Adri
  • Bobby
  • Deon


  1. How to overcome the bureaucratic hurdle of document signing. Consistent issue given that board members are spread across the country. Need a way to sign official documents by multiple people quickly. Services such as Docusign <https://go.docusign.com/trial/za-goog-trynow/> being looked at as a way to possibly over come this issue.
  2. View on Copyright bill - we need to work out how to get it in the media? The letter that the chapter wrote is aviable on the WMZA website.
  3. WMZA has almost fully completed its half-year grant report and has notified the WMF of it. This report can be viewed on meta at the link here: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Simple/Applications/Wikimedia_South_Africa/2019#Mid-term_Report
  4. Our debtor agreed reimburse R12k by June, in email. If the debt is repaied by July then the board agrees to allow the WMZA to write off the rest.
  5. Rossouw asks about WMZA part in Wiki Loves Folk. WMZA needs a volunteer to drive the chapter's involvement in the competition. Rossouw agrees to reach out to the event organiser so WMZA can participate.
  6. Company admin to be updated this week, we still need to get some core admin completed that includes getting updated IDs from key board members. This includes removing Dumisani as a director of WMZA.
  7. We should approach WMF Chris to help package our strategy to WMF. A meeting will be scheduled with the board. Doodle pool created to find a date for this meeting: https://doodle.com/poll/cipc3u6wck7sa7dn
  8. Discussion about budget and admin support. Agreed to ask WMF if and how we can get an additional R150,000 in our annual grant to hire a contractor to do our admin. Administration support has been a consistent constraint on chapter growth and activities for many years now. Repeated requests to get this sort of support has been consistently denied and the WMZA needs to work on a plan with the WMF to overcome this issue.