Wikimedia South Africa/Board Meeting/8 September 2020

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Wikimedia Board meeting - 8 September 2020


  • Rossouw
  • Adri
  • Coenraad
  • Wynand
  • Michael
  • Douglas
  • Deon
  • Bobby


  • Ian


Budget items that should be on the schedule every meeting[edit]

  2. Edit-a-thon
  3. University and school roadshow
  4. Marketing and public awareness
  5. Research grant
  6. Wikipedia bookshelf service:
    1. Buy books on request. - Someone needs to administer this - the admin person will do this
  7. How to help African language Wikis
  8. Support profile
  9. Suggestion: The GI Hackathon, maybe someone can create a WikiData Chatbot tool to help with support functions. Or can we create a form where people can submit questions?
  10. Douglas suggests that we can create a page that summarises where people can go to asks questions. Coenraad?

Other grant items not list[edit]

  1. Event prizes
  2. WikiFundi writing competition
  3. Wikimania 2021 Scholarships
  4. Destubathon

Action tasks[edit]

  1. Advertise the fact that we have book budget.
  2. Nominate people to administrate the "every week" list.
  3. Create a Zulip channel with relevant links and then transfer the data from there to the Wikimedia ZA site.
  4. Come back next time and volunteer for line items

Goethe Institute - Open Cultural Data[edit]

  1. they have sourced to design Open Cultural Data Event.
  2. It will be happening over 4 days with an opening and closing event.
  3. They are requested panelists for the opening event to talk about why Open Cultural Data is important and create a video about the panellist and chapter that can be used at the hackathon.
  4. Bobby wants to know if there is anyone from Creative Commons that would be able to speak at this event.

GI - Writing Competion[edit]

  1. They are looking for a person that will take part as a judge.
  2. Criteria: The articles need to be written according to the 5 pillars of Wikipedia and in an African Language
  3. Douglas says that we can request a judge from the movement, but he volunteers as well.


  1. Sam from Nigeria is running a AfroCine project. Bobby will be helping on one project, but is looking for more volunteers to help. Douglas and Rossouw helping to participate, but can't help to run

Hiring Committee - Sole proprietor position[edit]

  1. The ads are going out this week. Please share with your friends and collegues.
  2. Copy amend to do is to remove the Gsuite reference

Maroela Media Lawyer's letter[edit]

  1. We've responded to the letter. We haven't heard back

How do we celebrate things?[edit]

  1. Create a FB post when milestones are reached.
  2. Host an online event

UN Platform[edit]

  1. Bobby has created a platform and is looking for someone to help him with the homepage + security
  3. Douglas says that he can help. Bobby must contact him

How to help African languages[edit]

  1. Who will we reach out to in the next two weeks:
    1. GI Hackathon
    2. We need to do research
    3. Bobby is organising a editathon with UKZN. He suggests that this is a good place to look for champions
    4. Wynand suggests that we figure out how to reach out to all universities
    5. Douglas asks that Bobby reach out to Unisa and make an appointment to talk about next steps to promote African Language wikipedias. Wynand to think about how to reach out to all of them. Rossouw to contact UNAM and Politech/NUST (Peter Southfield may also know people to introduce him to)