Wikimedia South Africa/Operational Meeting 21 March 2023

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WMZA Operational Meeting 21 March 2023

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  • Ingrid Thomson
  • Douglas Scott
  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Khethiwe Marais
  • Shupai Mchuchu
  • Deon Steyn


  • Nobantu Modise


  • Coenraad Loubser
  • Michael Graaf
  • Veer Gosai

General Updates[edit]

The UCT Film Student UCT honors student film festival: (Douglas and Ingrid) Douglas attended as well, they were there to talk about Wikipedia. An edit workshop was hosted with UCT film students, who were doing some stubs on South African films. Students were given an assignments to write Wikipedia about South African films, There was a struggle finding reliable sources about old South African films There were 13 students and this happened in February (sentence to be rephrased). The two academics who organized the Editathon gave an assignment for the students to write about South African films.

Update on the Copyright Amendment Bill update[edit]

Bobby attended the copyright amended bill, which was held in Sandton, with government officials, and there was a visible public engagement from people, which shows that people are interested in the matter. The discussion was centered around the discussion on changing the amendment bill. WMZA presence was felt in Johannesburg. A good presentation was given and there was somewhat some support from the politicians. The Presidency might not sign the bill as a law before the elections. It seems uncertain even after the elections. We might have to look into getting freedom of panorama, which might make the laws to change.

DH-IGNITE event update - Sadilar conference update[edit]

Juan proposed that WMZA and DG-IGNITE collaborate on a project to do an Wikipedia outreach roadshow to 15 Universities and do edit workshops. SADILar to match the funding of WMZA

Khoi Writers Festival

2023 Grant Application Update[edit]

Wikimania scholarships has been included in the grant application. Douglas submitted the grant application on Friday 17 April 2023. Douglas presented the grant application and the budget for the grant application Wikipedia Birthday has its on line item in the budget. Afrikaans Wikipedia has its on line item in the budget. The budget to be discussed with the foundation before it will be approved. As a board ways need to be found in getting every board member involved in writing the grant

Wikimania Presentations[edit]

7 days are left for those who wants to present at the Wikimania, they need to submit their presentations. Deon and Douglas submitted their submissions, but have other presentations he wants to submit. Deon will give a presentation on Afrikaans Wikipedia. Douglas to give presentation on copyright laws. Deon., Ingrid, Douglas and Douglas have applied to attend Wikimania in Singapore. Bobby will be presenting at Wikimania as well.

Interns , Next Cohort[edit]

Invitation to dinner with WMF staff in Jhb[edit]

Grahamstown update[edit]

Action Items[edit]

Shupai to send meeting links and agenda via email before the meetings this includes ops and board meeting.

Next meeting[edit]

4 April 2023