Wikimedia South Africa/Operational Meeting 2 May 2023

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WMZA Ops Meeting 2 May 2023 Previous Minutes:


  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Douglas Scott
  • Ingrid Thomson
  • Deon Steyn
  • Shupai Mchuchu
  • Khethiwe Marais
  • Zenande Mantlana
  • Pfano Rwanedzi
  • Michael Graaf




General Updates[edit]

Deon attended an Afrikaans Wikipedia event (workshop) in Namibia. Which was held on the 27th of April 2023 Deon plans to run the Wikipedia edit workshop as an annual event. There were several proffesionals who attended the workshop including doctors, government officials and 2 scholarshols. The workshop was about introducing the participants to Wikipedia, Participants spoke English, German and Afrikaans. There was a community meet up at the book lounge Bobby met up with the Goethe Institute with the German Chapter. They want to know the of editing artificial intelligence. Bobby attended the workshop, this was a 2 day event. The chapter partnered with the Eswatini University, which was held for 2 days online, the main focus was translating English articles in SiSwati language. The event is being run as a competition. The budget for the competition was R10 000, which winners will be given as prizes. First prize: laptop, second prize: tablet, third prize: data Bobby has been meeting with WMF members such as Maryana and Dumisani and other members from the African continent. Wiki loves plants has come to an end and winners have been announced Shupai to let winners know ( Wiki loves Africa has come to an end 30 April 2023, judging will commence soon and winners to be announced.

Internship Contracts: Update WMF[edit]

The purpose of the internship programme is to create job opportunities in South Africa and Amplify the Chapter. Elevate Wikipedia and make interns also aware of Wikipedia The contract is for 6 months, as they have been trained, work experienced hasn't been achieved as yet. As their contracts has come to an end, it was decided to extend their contract with another 3 months, which was approved by Veronicah from WMF. Bobby to update their contracts. It was suggested to have a 1 year contract for the internes, this will ensure adequate training whilst gaining work experience.

Fiscal Sponsorships updates ( Morocco and Botswana)[edit]

Bobby and Douglas met with Veronicah from WMF. The meeting was around grant application, the chapter being a fiscal sponsor to the 2 countries Botswana their 3 models to receive funding, we can get their money and deposit for them. Botswana doesn't have a company account. There is a month before the financial meeting Payments will need to be monitored, which is a lot time. A idea is to deposit money to them on a 3 month basis A trip to Botswana once a money, for training, evaluate progress and impact, as well as provide training Being a fiscal sponsor entails managing other organisations finance, this also means the chapter will be affected if anything is a miss and they don't handle their finances properly Estimate is R1 millions for the Botswana grant The Chapter will receive a percentage for being a fiscal sponsor Morocco is seeking for the chapter to be a fiscal sponsor for the WikiIndaba which will be held in November this year. Money has been sent to the Chapters account, Bobby to go to the bank and get paperwork sorted. The chapter will be making payments on behalf of Morocco for all logistical requirements. The chapter gets to generate some funds from being a fiscal sponsor.

Large UPS for Bobby[edit]

March-April event, workshops reports[edit]

Board members have attended and hosted events to send mini bios on the events, provide links and pictures . This to be sent to Shupai This will help with mid-term reports as well newsletter