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Wikimedia South Africa/SWOT

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  • Diverse team will help to achieve local objectives.
  • Wealth of resources, talents and skills to expand on and implement global Wikimedia programs and projects locally
  • Active Wikimedia community contributors who can help to align local activities to the projects' requirements and standards.
  • Commitment to the values of openness and freedom embodied in the Wikimedia vision


  • What can we do to create more measurable, positive impact?
  • Which performance indicators would demonstrate the value of the individuals within the team and help to focus our efforts?


  • Insufficient cohesion as a team due to ineffective communication and lack of trust
  • Unclear strategy
  • Potential for dependent relationship with WMF and established chapters (perpetuating a welfare paradigm)


How can we address these weaknesses, operate more efficiently as a team, and be more effective as a Chapter?


  • Affecting (national or regional?) Policy and Legislation (how?), e.g. Language Policy (more detail?) Generating language specific instructional, broad-based educational text
  • Motivating South Africans who do not currently engage with Wikimedia projects to do so, through programs and projects that capture the imagination, to inspire and motivate contribution and use.
  • Creating and testing models for sustained editor growth and development in the relatively untapped South African pool of potential contributors.
  • Bringing free knowledge within the reach of South African society
  • Giving South Africans access to tools to help address historical imbalances in access to scholarship
  • Generating better coverage of South African topics in Wikimedia projects


  • What resources, talents, and skills do we require to achieve these goals?
  • How do we articulate the value proposition to potential users, contributors, and government and other partners?


  • Lack of focus from team members due to other commitments (work, study, etc.), leading to failure to achieve the Chapter's goals
  • External interferences (for example?) that could prove to be divisive and detrimental to the life of the Chapter
  • Deterioration of WMF, Chapter and Movement wide relations
  • Financial and legal risks due to limited management capacity


How do we reduce our exposure to these risks?

Attaining WMZA Intentions[edit]

  • How can we create an environment that is welcoming, equal and be conducive to generating better ideas, solutions and decisions?
  • How can we speed up our decision making?
  • How can we increase participation, motivate eachother as a team, and motivate the the community at large?