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Wikimedia Summit 2024/Eligibility

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Affiliates are eligible if they are:

  • recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation before 30 June 2022
  • compliant on reporting as of August 1, 2023

List of all eligible affiliates



  • Wikimedia Argentina
  • Wikimedia Armenia
  • Wikimedia Australia
  • Wikimedia Bangladesh
  • Wikimedia Belgium
  • Wikimedia Canada
  • Wikimedia Chile
  • Wikimedia Czech Republic
  • Wikimedia Colombia
  • Wikimedia Denmark
  • Wikimedia Deutschland
  • Wikimedia District of Columbia
  • Wikimedia Estonia
  • Wikimedia France
  • Wikimedia Israel
  • Wikimedia Italy
  • Wikimedia Indonesia
  • Wikimédia Magyarország
  • Wikimedia Mexico
  • Wikimedia Nederland
  • Wikimedia New York City
  • Wikimedia Norge
  • Wikimedia Österreich
  • Wikimedia Poland
  • Wikimedia Portugal
  • Wikimedia Serbia
  • Wikimedia South Africa
  • Wikimedia Spain
  • Wikimedia Sverige
  • Wikimedia Switzerland
  • Wikimedia Taiwan
  • Wikimedia Thailand
  • Wikimedia Ukraine
  • Wikimedia United Kingdom

Thematic Organizations

  • Wikimedia Medicine

User Groups

  • AfroCROWD User Group
  • Algeria Wikimedians User Group
  • Arabic Wikimedians User Group
  • Art+Feminism User Group
  • Azerbaijani Wikimedians User Group
  • Basque Wikimedians User Group
  • Black Lunch Table Wikimedians
  • Cascadia Wikimedians User Group
  • Commons Photographers User Group
  • Dagbani Wikimedians User Group
  • Deoband Community Wikimedia User Group
  • Egypt Wikimedians User Group
  • Esperanto kaj Libera Scio
  • GLAM Macedonia User Group
  • Grupo de Usuários Wiki Movimento Brasil
  • Gungbe Wikimedians User Group
  • H-GAPS User Group
  • Hausa Wikimedians User Group
  • Hindi Wikimedians User Group
  • Indic MediaWiki Developers User Group
  • Karavali Wikimedians User Group
  • Kashmiri Wikimedians User Group
  • Kurdish Wikimedians User Group
  • Les sans pagEs User Group
  • Maithili Wikimedians User Group
  • Marathi Wikimedians User Group
  • MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group
  • Muj(lh)eres latinoamericanas en Wikimedia
  • Myanmar Wikimedia Community User Group
  • New England Wikimedians
  • North Carolina Triangle Wikipedians User Group
  • North-West Russia Wiki-Historians User Group
  • Odia Wikimedians User Group
  • Ohio Wikimedians User Group
  • Open Foundation West Africa
  • Paiwan Wikimedians User Group
  • PhilWiki Community
  • Punjabi Wikimedians User Group
  • San Diego Wikimedians User Group
  • Shared Knowledge
  • Tremendous Wiktionary User Group
  • Vietnam Wikimedians User Group
  • West Bengal Wikimedians User Group
  • Whose Knowledge?
  • Wiki Cemeteries User Group
  • Wiki World Heritage User Group
  • WikiClassics User Group
  • WikiConference North America
  • WikiDonne User Group
  • WikiJournal
  • Wikimaps User Group
  • Wikimedia Tunisia User Group
  • Wikimedia Community Ireland User Group
  • Wikimedia Community of Kazakh language User Group
  • Wikimedia Community of Saint Petersburg User Group
  • Wikimedia Community of Tatar language User Group
  • Wikimedia Community User Group Belarus
  • Wikimedia Community User Group CEE Spring
  • Wikimedia Community User Group Côte d'Ivoire
  • Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia
  • Wikimedia Community User Group Greece
  • Wikimedia Community User Group Guinea Conakry
  • Wikimedia Community User Group Haiti
  • Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong
  • Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia
  • Wikimedia Community User Group Malta
  • Wikimedia Community User Group Math
  • Wikimedia Community User Group Nigeria
  • Wikimedia Community User Group Rwanda
  • Wikimedia Community User Group Sri Lanka
  • Wikimedia Community User Group Sudan
  • Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey
  • Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda
  • Wikimedia Ghana User Group
  • Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group
  • Wikimedia MA User Group
  • Wikimedia Small Projects in Spanish User Group
  • Wikimedia Stewards User Group
  • Wikimedia User Group of Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Wikimedians for Offline Wikis User Group
  • Wikimedians for Sustainable Development
  • Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group
  • Wikimedians of Bashkortostan User Group
  • Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group
  • Wikimedians of Democratic Republic of Congo User Group
  • Wikimedians of Erzya language User Group
  • Wikimedians of Kerala User Group
  • Wikimedians of Lagos User Group
  • Wikimedians of Latvia User Group
  • Wikimedians of Nepal
  • Wikimedians of Peru User Group
  • Wikimedians of Romania and Moldova User Group
  • Wikimedians of Santali Language User Group
  • Wikimedians of Slovakia User Group
  • Wikimedians of Tamazight User Group
  • Wikimedians of the Caribbean User Group
  • Wikimedians of the Levant User Group
  • Wikimedians of the Uzbek language User Group
  • Wikimedians of Turkic Languages User Group
  • Wikimedians of United Arab Emirates User Group
  • Wikimedians of Western Armenian Language User Group
  • Wikimédiens du Bénin User Group
  • Wikimedistas de Uruguay
  • Wikimujeres Grupo de Usuarias
  • Wikipedia & Education User Group
  • Wikipedia Asian Month User Group
  • Wikipedians of North Caucasus User Group
  • Wikipedians of Slovenia User Group
  • Wikiesfera Grupo de Usuarixs
  • Wikitongues User Group
  • WikiWomen's User Group
  • Yoruba Wikimedians User Group

Ongoing Hub projects

  • Arabic-speaking region
  • Bengali-speaking world (Bangla Wikimaitree)
  • Central and Eastern European Hub
  • Content Partnerships
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Hub (DEIH)
  • EA Regional and Thematic Hub (EARTH)
  • East, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Hub
  • Education
  • French-speaking world (WikiFranca)
  • Language Diversity
  • North America or United States
  • Portuguese-speaking region
  • Spanish-speaking region
  • Sustainable development
  • Volunteer Support
  • Wikimedia Europe

Movement Partners

  • Centre for Internet and Society - Access to Knowledge

Non-Affiliate participants

  • Wikimedia Foundation board and staff members
  • Movement Charter Drafting Committee (MCDC)
  • Some members of the Affiliations Committee (AffCom)