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Celebration in the time of Pandemic: Open Data Day 2021 in Taiwan

In this year’s International Open Data Day Taiwan, we have a little special treat in store: we decided to celebrate the International Open Data Day with, not one, nor two, but THREE events covering the North, Mid, and Southern part of Taiwan. And through the power of Love, Friendship, and Internet, we all can participate the celebration no matter where you are. As for this year’s topic is: Water.

This year we dedicate our focus particularly on the rivers and the water bodies in Taiwan. Let’s see how these data can be processed and apply to other usage, and how these data can change our everyday life and make a better world.

Bigger than ever[edit]

Through the Internet connecting three events together, this year, the total number of participants counts to more than fifty people showed up in person and many more were viewing online. This is quite an astonishing achievement considering we only just started the year before, and we expect this number continue to grow bigger and bigger every year.

Also, at this year’s event, besides our regular NGO friends from Wikidata and Open Street Map, we also have some big figure in the house, the Water Resource Agency, Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, and the Location Aware Sensing System community, each will share their experience with us about the Open Data.

During the Hardest Time[edit]

2020 was quite a year for many of us and 2021 just started. Though, to be true, Taiwan is one of the most unstained part in the world by this pandemic. The reason why Taiwan can hold the line for so long is because not only the hardworking healthcare workers and the far-sighted governor, but also the society as a whole. In this hardest time, everyone needs to do our part to protect ourselves and others. Every participant (who participated in person of course) are expected to wear their mask at all time if possible, and will have their body temperature checked and hands sanitized before entering the venue. This is the way should be and the way we followed.

Closing the Gap[edit]

At the beginning of the event, we have two official agencies with us, talking about the effort our government have put into the field. However, though all the hustle and bustle, it is quite clear that in this field, there is quite a gap between the policy and the real-life needs. And this is why our events are important, bring two groups of people focusing on different goals together and talk about the issues we all care and concern. Closing the gap between top and down, bridging people who would otherwise never met, let the knowledge open and flow to everyone.

In this hardest time, the gap we aim to connect also include the physical gap between here and there. By the power of the Internet, we can reach out to more people than ever, spreading the love and joy, and gather everyone to celebrate altogether.

Action Speaks[edit]

For the afternoon is the workshop held by our friends from Wikidata and Open Street Map. As the old saying goes: Action speaks louder than words, we practice the way which everyone can take to contribute to Open Data movement.

By hands-on experience, we hope that the participants can understand the important of the Open Data movement and raise their awareness to the world we all lived in. You would be stunned to find out just how small the amount of data was opened and collected, but, at the same time, awed by the sheer amount that have already be done.

Open Data is not just a slogan, it is a movement that requires many more people’s action and attention. Every little bit counts and is just as important. Everyone is unique in their own way; Everyone is welcome to join. Who knows, maybe someday someone could change the world somehow.

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