Wikimedia Tunisia/Report/Strategy Salon 2020

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Preparations before the salon

Date and location[edit]

Participant List[edit]

What happened[edit]

Group photo of the attendees
Watching an explanatory video before each recommandation to have more information

Wikimedia TN User Group has organised a salon to discuss the Wikimedia 2030 strategy recommandations. It was an opportunity to hear suggestions from attendees about the futur of Wikimedia movement. Participants came from different parts of Tunisia.

Summary of the discussion points[edit]

General Comments on the process[edit]

The attendees felt some satisfaction about the recommendations and raised the issue of the lack of communication from the working groups during the synthesis of these 13 points.

Recommendation 1 - Promote Sustainability and Resilience[edit]

Suggestions for Improvement

  • Creating a network of ambassadors representing all the communities.
  • Investing in youth to ensure sustainability


  • Attendees agreed the idea of hiring local employees by WMF.

Recommendation 2 - Create Cultural Change for Inclusive Communities[edit]

Suggestions for Improvement

  • Improving the code of conduct to be more suitable with the current challenges.
  • Creating committees to solve problems inside and between communities.

Recommendation 3 - Improve User Experience[edit]

Suggestions for Improvement

  • Creating a specific interface for each region or each community.

Recommendation 4 - Provide for Safety and Security[edit]


  • Code of conduct is the key to protect wikimedians.

Recommendation 5 - Ensure Equity in Decision-making[edit]

Suggestions for Improvement

  • Investing more in communities to have more decision makers and leaders.
  • Training on Leadership skills

Recommendation 6 - Foster and Develop Distributed Leadership[edit]


  • Exchange of knowledge and skills between affiliates, mainly well-structured affiliates.

Recommendation 7 - Invest in Skills Development[edit]


  • Participants accepted all the idea of multiplying the number of training.
  • Also references need to be provided to improve the quality of articles.

Recommendation 8 - Manage Internal Knowledge[edit]

Suggestions for Improvement

  • Creating a data base accessible for all.

Recommendation 9 - Coordinate Across Stakeholders[edit]


  • Attendees pointed out in the flexibility that should exist in procedures to facilitate the work between affiliates.

Recommendation 10 - Prioritize Topics for Impact[edit]


  • We need a data base that show us where can we improve ourselves.

Recommendation 11 - Innovate in Free Knowledge[edit]


  • Supported by all participants

Recommendation 12 - Evaluate, Iterate and Adapt[edit]


  • Attendees agreed on the importance of evaluation, mainly permanent evaluation.

Recommendation 13 - Plan Infrastructure Scalability[edit]


  • Supported by all the participants.