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Wikimedia Tunisie/Workshops/Nabeul Language Village

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The Language Village Nabeul is a two-week summer residence for Tunisian University students of English organized every year by the British Council. The program of this year will include two Wikipedia workshops in which participants will learn about Wikimedia and its values. Then they will learn about "Wikipedia" and how they add new articles that will be then an asset for readers around the globe. To reach the maximum of benefits, the articles will be focusing on topics related to employability so trainees can use the acquired knowledge for their career.


  • 20th July 2016 Introducing Wikimedia & Wikipedia
  • 22nd July 2016 Learning basics of editing in Wikipedia
  • 28th July 2016 Creating complete articles in compliance with Wikipedia rules
  • 29th July 2016 Learning new tips and tricks that makes editing in Wikipedia easy and funny


Preparatory Institute for Engineering Studies of Nabeul

List of articles to create[edit]

1-2-3 rules for a great edit-a-thon :)

1- Choose which article you want to create from the list of red English links which have a Not done status

2- Add your username in front that article in the "Attributed to" column so other participants don't touch your article until you will finish it. Change the status to Doing... in the "status" column of that article.

3- Create the article. Once you will finish editing it, change status to Done. That's it, congratulation !

Article in English to be created Article in French Article in Arabic Attributed to Status
1 Agriculture in Tunisia Agriculture en Tunisie الفلاحة في تونس lejmi marwa Doing...
2 Virtual University of Tunis Université virtuelle de Tunis جامعة تونس الافتراضية asma msekni Doing...
3 Bank of Financing Small and Medium Enterprises Banque de financement des petites et moyennes entreprises بنك تمويل المؤسسات الصغرى والمتوسطة Nada Doing...
4 Entrepreneurship network Réseau Entreprendre شبكة ريادة الأعمال fayhaa boujeh Doing...
5 Elgazala Technopark Pôle Elgazala des technologies de la communication قطب الغزالة لتكنولوجيات الاتصال imen werghi Done
6 Single Member Private Limited Company Entreprise unipersonnelle à responsabilité limitée شركة الشخص الواحد ذات مسؤولية محدودة bochra ben afia Doing...
7 Official Gazette of the Republic of Tunisia Journal officiel de la République tunisienne الرائد الرسمي للجمهورية التونسية fakher Done
8 Tunisian Export Promotion Center Centre de promotion des exportations مركز النهوض بالصادرات Nour LVNER Doing...
9 National Social Security Fund (Tunisia) Caisse nationale de sécurité sociale (Tunisie) الصندوق الوطني للضمان الاجتماعي (تونس) afef kadi Doing...
10 National Health Insurance Fund (Tunisia) Caisse nationale d'assurance-maladie (Tunisie) الصندوق الوطني للتأمين على المرض (تونس) iris ammar Doing...


  1. Yassine Tounsi (Trainer: Wikimededia TN User Group)
  2. Mounir Touzri (Trainer: Wikimededia TN User Group)
  3. imen werghi ( participant )
  4. Nada Kalboussi (participant)
  5. asma msekni ( participant )
  6. afef kadi ( participant )
  7. bochra ben afia (participant)
  8. iris ammar ( participant )
  9. freedom writer 1980
  10. fakherrachdi ( participant )
  11. Nour LVNR ( participant )
  12. fayhaa boujeh (participant)

Basics on editing Wikipedia[edit]