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Meetup and Workshop



In the spirit of gaining Kwara for Wiki, the Ilorin Wikimedia Hub came together in cheer and care for Wikimedia's vision in their last workshop at Founder's Hub on September 8, 2018.

Sam Oye took the attending participants on an interesting tour through the pillars of Wikipedia. This was followed by a hands-on session on how to use the spreadsheet and sandbox. It was a refreshing time.

Wikipedia + Wikidata Workshop



Activating the Wikimedia Community in Kwara



Wiki Loves Africa 2017 contest has finally come to an end; this edition has produced outstanding results across the board. In Nigeria, it isn't any different. On 20th and 25th of November, the Ilorin Wikimedia Hub organized the Wiki Loves Africa 2017 workshops and upload sessions in Ilorin. This workshop marks the first time ever that any Wikimedia event is holding in Ilorin, the state capital of Kwara and one of the largest cities in Nigeria.

The Wiki Loves Africa 2017 in Nigeria, which was organized by Sam Oyeyele, commenced its plans few months ago. Before the formal commencement of the contest and the events, marketing was carried out across Nigeria; through social media and chat applications. Several photowalks were also carried out, to engage potential members of the new Ilorin Wikimedia Hub.

The response to the Wiki Loves Africa in Nigeria has been recording breaking. Nigeria broke previous records, with over 3,000 images submitted for the contest; this figure quadruples our previous achievement and also places Nigeria way ahead of other participating countries. The quality of submitted images have also improved dramatically. Furthermore, the closing event in Ilorin on 25th November had 15 people in attendance. That is a very outstanding attendance for an event in a very new city. The Wikimedia Community in Nigeria is very enthusiastic about the potential that is there for this new city we have ventured into.

Launching Ilorin Wikimedia Hub with Wiki Loves Africa 2017



The Wiki Loves Africa photographic and media competition is back for its fourth year, and the contest's central theme for the year is "People at Work". The People at Work theme encourage the visual, audio or video documentation of all manner of occupations that are undertaken across the African continent … the usual and unusual, the banal and the extraordinary. These can be formal and informal, contemporary or ancient, business-oriented or creative.

We are pleased to announce that the Wiki Loves Africa contest in Nigeria for this year will be based in the city of Ilorin. While, like previous years, images are being accepted from all corners of Nigeria, photo-walks and upload sessions will be conducted in Ilorin. This will mark the first time ever that any sort of Wikimedia activity will be happening in Ilorin. Furthermore, this meetup will formally launch the newly created Wikimedia community in the city of Ilorin, the Ilorin Wikimedia Hub. This hub, founded and currently managed by Sam Oyeyele, with the support of Wikimedia UG Nigeria, aims to increase the awareness of Wikipedia and its sister projects in the Nigerian state of Kwara, as well as to encourage Kwarans to actively participate in Wikimedia projects.

Wiki Loves Africa is activated by the Wikimedia community that created Wikipedia in support of WikiAfrica movement. The competition was conceptualized and is managed by Florence Devouard and Isla Haddow-Flood as a fun and engaging way to re-balance the lack of visual representations and relevant content that exists about the African continent on Wikipedia. The competition is supported by Ynternet.org. It is funded by the Wikimedia Foundation and supported in-kind by a host of local partners in individual countries. The Coordinators of Wiki Loves Africa 2017 in Nigeria, include: Sam Oyeyele, Shola Olaniyan and Daniel Damilola Obiokeke. The images donated for the contest are available for use on the internet and beyond, under the Creative Commons license CC BY SA 4.0. The competition runs from the 1st October to 30th November 2017 and entries for Nigeria are welcome from anywhere in the country and beyond. Best Images from Nigeria will be awarded prizes before being forwarded to compete in the International competition.



  • 1st prize: ₦25,000
  • 2nd prize: ₦15,000
  • 3rd prize: ₦10,000


  • 1st prize: $600
  • 2nd prize: $400
  • 3rd prize: $300
  • Organiser’s prize: US$300
  • Winner of Women at Work Photo Essays: US$200
  • Winner of Rare and Endangered Work Practices Photo Essays: US$200

Planning the Kwara Wikimedia Community



In the continuous bid to increase the awareness of Wikipedia and its sister projects across the Nigerian federation, The Wikimedia UG Nigeria has kick-started the planning of the Kwara Wikimedia community.

We have constantly pointed out in our meetings that we want the community to have a wider reach across the federation. We have long figured that we can’t completely achieve this by basing our activities only in Lagos. Hence, we conceived the idea to establish active communities in other states/territory, which would be run as sections of the wider Wikimedia UG Nigeria. Kwara Wikimedia Community would become one of such communities.

Watch this page to keep track of regular updates on the progress towards establishing this community, as well as the programmes designed to keep this community active. Your kind suggestions on how to make this a success is also very welcome; contact: samoye_(_AT_)hotmail.com to let us know of the cool ideas you have for this new community.