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A meeting took place in London on 27th November 2005 (same place as before) to discuss the setting up of Wikimedia UK.


Matters discussed[edit]

The single item of business was the formation of the UK Chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. It has been agreed to form a Charity, registered England and Wales. The name "Wikimedia UK" and logos would be used under licence from the Wikimedia Foundation.

  • Mainly, approved (with alterations) the MoA and AoA (both to be typed up nicely by James).
  • Company to be formed with working name of "Wiki Educational Resources" (though this without full approval) but operating name to be "Wikimedia UK". This bootstraps the organization in way which allows the adoption of a name such as "Wikimedia UK" without incorporation with that name from the outset.
  • Charity status to be applied for under general charity category, not educational charity. (Ahem, I don't think this was agreed - if you read the Charity Act you'll see we might not be ok going down this route. More to the point is that we need a charity law expert to look at this, and if educational things are problematic explain what the problem is, Jguk 13:07, 28 November 2005 (UTC))
There seems no reason to avoid "educational charity" LoopZilla 12:33, 30 November 2005 (UTC)

Possible first directors (feel free to suggest yourself)[edit]

  • Gordon Joly(secretary)
  • James Forrester
  • David Gerard
  • Jonathan Garrett
  • Anyone else who may be about when the relevant documents need to be signed (and more can be added later)

First members (feel free to add yourself)[edit]

  • Thryduulf
  • Cormac (is also happy to be on board but is not based in London)
  • Gordon Joly
  • James Forrester
  • David Gerard
  • Jonathan Garrett
  • Andrew Walker (I was not at the meeting - or in the UK at the time - but will be by the time this gets of the ground and would be happy to sign on the dotted line. I would also have time to act as a director if needed.)
  • OldakQuill
  • Lauri Love (nsh)
  • Anyone else who will be about when the papers need signing

The pub[edit]

Top notch. Nice place, excellent beer, happy to run up a ruinous tab for you on your credit card. No wonder Liberty tend to use it for meetings. We will likely be back. David Gerard also promises not to smoke again at a meet unless the window can in fact be opened. Sorry about that. *cough* *hack* - and Cormac hereby pledges to buy a round at some stage.. Thryduulf mutters that he ought to do that as well, but promises not to get into an edit war over who should do so first.. David Gerard suggests that Nile Hef is also an overpaid IT contractor, and you're students, so it's his round!.. While Thryduulf has no objection to being bought a round, he points out that he's not a student..