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SHE CAN WITH ICT is organized in partnership with Wiki Loves Women and The Women's Technology and Empowerment Centre (W-TECH) with the aim to train selected number of young women in Nigerian tertiary institutions on how to create content on Wikipedia and contribute to other Wikimedia projects. The project kick started on the 18th of May 2017.

The participants of this project are undergraduate female students of en:University of Lagos.

Project Goal[edit]

  1. Recruit new female editors from Nigerian Tertiary Institutions.
  2. Add or improve content on Wikimedia projects
  3. Engage existing Wikimedians
  4. Increase members of Wikimedia User Group Nigeria
  5. Create awareness about Wikimedia projects.

Project Facilitators[edit]

  1. User:Olaniyan Olushola
  2. User:Jamie Tubers
  3. User:Mahveotm
  4. User:Lafemo

Project Plan[edit]

  1. Class room training
  2. Virtual Mentorship


  1. User:Khemy
  2. User:Oakinmuleya E.
  3. User:Vikideji
  4. User:Onikepe32
  5. User:AMAKA
  6. User:Topify
  7. User:Caroyna123
  8. User:Switoy24
  9. User:Georgia- N
  10. User:Toyin zuleiha
  11. User:Cathene25
  12. User:Adunnilol
  13. User:Projecto Jaytee
  14. User:Jayde -10
  15. User:Onpid04
  16. User:Oluwaseunfunmi16
  17. User:Khemy
  18. User:Oakinmuleya E.
  19. User:Vikideji
  20. User:AMAKA
  21. User:Topify
  22. User:Caroyna123
  23. User:Switoy24
  24. User:Georgia- N
  25. User:Toyin zuleiha
  26. User:Cathene25
  27. User:Adunnilol



Workshop; The workshop began on 18th May 2017 and ended on the 21st May 2017 at en:University of Lagos. Participants were trained on the basis of editing Wikipedia. They were introduced to basic contents policies and guidelines such as the five pillars of Wikipedia, the notability guidelines, copyright, Biographies of Living Persons and image use policy.

On-Campus photo;

On the last day of the events, participants were trained on how to contribute to Wikimedia Commons. After the training, they embarked on on-campus photo tours and participants were encouraged to upload the images as "Own work". Some of the images uploaded by the students are in the image gallery below.


Participants were assigned to three groups under the mentorship of experienced Wikipedians. This mentorship process is ongoing and would last for three weeks. The participants activities can be found on this dashboard.