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Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2021/Submissions/Discover Structured Data on Commons for you and your partners

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User:Alicia Fagerving (WMSE)

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Alicia Fagerving (WMSE)

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Wikimedia Sverige

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Discover Structured Data on Commons for you and your partners

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60 minutes in total, consisting of 15 minutes intro and 45 minutes of workshopping.

(If time is limited a 15 or 30 minute presentation can be delivered instead.)

  • Narrate your plan in details:

Structured Data on Commons (SDC) has been developed by the Wikimedia Foundation and has reached a point where it is useful and significant value can be created by adding data about the media files uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

Wikimedia Sverige has started experimenting with batch edits where SDC is added to different files to increase searchability and findability. We have also started to improve documentation about how to contribute with structured data in different ways.

We will share our thoughts about why SDC is important and of our experiences with working on adding SDC. The participants will receive recommendations on how to best use SDC to improve the workflow for you as a volunteer, and how SDC can add value for your content partners and create interest from them to share their materials on the Wikimedia platforms. Anyone working at a GLAM is especially welcome to participate. If you email us in advance we can share some examples relevant for your institution!

After the presentation a workshop will follow where we together edit SDC and discuss different issues and questions that arise. During the workshop we will also capture what type of information that the workshop participants think is the most important topic areas to add SDC on in the near future.

  • Any support you need:

No support is needed.

  • How will this session be beneficial for the communities in India?:

As a multilingual tool more people working on SDC in their language will enhance the value for all and content from India will be easier to find for anyone, regardless if they speak the local language or not.



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