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Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2021/Submissions/GLAM Mapping leads to Wikimedian in Residence.

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Contact details[edit]

  • Your username: आर्या जोशी
  • Presenters: Aaryaa Joshi
  • Email address: jaaryaa@gmail.com
  • Affiliation

Marathi Wikimedia Community

Your topic[edit]

  • Title:

GLAM Mapping leads to Wikimedian in Residence.

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  • Time needed:

20 minutes

  • Narrate your plan in details:

As part of GLAM mapping research conducted by CIS-A2K, I actively participated in cse study of internationally recognised Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum in Pune. This museum houses unique collections of ornaments, utensils, dresses, weapons, games, musical instruments, crafts, paintings etc. During the mapping process, I learnt that every artifact has a rich history behind it. This has various cultural, socio-political, geographical and economic aspects as well. The offline and online documentation and presentation of this knowledge would create new opportunities for research. This can be very well supported by using techniques like QR codes and virtual tours. This form will also attract inquisitive minds visiting the place. To achieve this there is a need to explore Wikimedian in Residence (WiR) at such institutions. The implementation of WiR will result in content creation in Wiki projects, long term collaboration with the institution and capacity building of Wikimedians involved in the process.

  • Any support you need:
  • How will this session be beneficial for the communities in India?:

The communities will learn about the GLAM mapping process, which can be replicated in various states of India. The experiences with museum authorities will be shared in detail to know about the importance of relationship building. The thoughts about the future documentation ideas would provide some avenues for networking. The discussion on WiR programme will bring clarity about the structure and customisation in Indian context.


Interested attendees[edit]

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