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Wikimedia Wikimeet India 2021/Submissions/Use of Constructivist Method in Online Education

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Contact details[edit]

  • Username:Uday(MKCL)
  • Presenters:Uday(MKCL)
  • Email address:udayp@mkcl.org (optional)

  • Affiliation :Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited(MKCL)

Your topic[edit]

  • Use of Constructivist Method in Online Education and Training:
  • Language:English
  • Type:Presentation
  • Time needed:30 mins
  • Narrate your plan in details:

National Curriculum Framework 2005 has initiated the constructivist method of education and training, but Indian classroom size is the main impediment in the effective implementation of this method. During the lockdown, online education and training were practised on a large scale. Various methods were tried in this entire lockdown period. Some of the methods have yielded good results but most of the methods could not yield desired results because the online method could not establish the connection between teacher and student. It also failed to connect to convey the purpose of the training. We wish to present the new methods of peer education, learning by doing and new methods of assessment in using the constructivist method:

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  • How will this session be beneficial for the communities in India?

In India, Schools have a large number of students in a classroom and with the help of appropriate technology, teachers would be able to impart relevant education and also assess each individual and identify their learning difficulties .:


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