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Wikimedia and Libraries User Group/Meeting minutes/2018/November/14

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[19:40:17] <Samwalton9> Hi everyone!
[19:40:28] <Aaron-> Let's get started!
[19:40:51] <Guest47450> OK. I'm here
[19:41:00] <Aaron-> Thank you everyone for coming to the Wikipedia Library bimonthly global coordinators meeting
[19:41:09] <Shypoetess> Hello Sam
[19:41:43] <Aaron-> I have with me Felix Nartey (Global Coordinator) and Sam Walton (Partnerships manager)
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[19:42:21] <Aaron-> Hello Silvia
[19:42:40] <Aaron-> we're just getting started
[19:42:57] <Aaron-> introductions are in order
[19:43:28] <Aaron-> why don't we go around introducing ourselves to the channel
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[19:44:59] <Aaron-> you can give us your home Wikipedia (your home branch) and your username
[19:45:25] <Aaron-> Shypoetess, KCVelaga, shizhao_, Guest47450, Silvia
[19:45:42] <Shypoetess> Hello everyone I'm Shypoetess From Hindi Wikipedia
[19:45:55] <Silvia> Ok, my Wikipedia username is Silvia Bruni1 form Italy
[19:46:03] <Silvia> from
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[19:46:19] <KCVelaga> Hello all, I am User:KCVelaga. I primarily contribute to English Wikipedia and Wikimedia Common, and I'm from India :)
[19:46:22] <Guest47450> User:T Cells from Yoruba Wikipedia branch
[19:46:24] <shizhao_> hello, i'm shizhao from zhwp
[19:46:52] <Aaron-> great!
[19:47:09] <Aaron-> thanks for the introductions
[19:47:18] <shizhao_> and I'm from China
[19:47:25] <Aaron-> :)
[19:48:03] <Aaron-> let's switch topics and talk about things that have been happening in your home branches for the past two months
[19:49:59] <KCVelaga> Well, I don't specifically run any branch, but I've planned a TWL-focused activity, more about this can be seen at: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Project/Rapid/KCVelaga/TWLCon_India_-_2019
[19:50:05] <Aaron-> any new activities, community interests both on-wiki and off-wiki, potential areas TWL could tap into etc
[19:50:18] <Samwalton9> Can I just say that I love it's called TWLCon :D
[19:50:44] <Aaron-> me too! and so does the rest of the team!
[19:50:54] <KCVelaga> Yes, the new title sounds very nice, thanks to you :)
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[19:51:26] <KCVelaga> If everything goes per the plan, it is scheduled to happen in the first week of January
[19:51:57] <Guest47450> I think its fine
[19:52:10] <Samwalton9> That's great! Seems like it will be a really valuable event :)
[19:52:38] <Aaron-> just so everyone knows, Krishna has been planning a mini-conference for TWL in India and has put together a grant proposal to that end
[19:52:38] <FNartey> I can't agree more with my colleagues
[19:53:20] <Aaron-> it would be nice if you can go through the proposal and endorse it if you like the idea behind it https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Project/Rapid/KCVelaga/TWLCon_India_-_2019
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[19:54:04] <Aaron-> shizhao_, we haven't talked in a while :) Anything interesting going on in zhwp?
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[19:54:18] <Aaron-> similarly Guest47450
[19:54:30] <Aaron-> what's new in Yoruba Wikipedia?
[19:54:44] <Aaron-> any developments we'd be interested in?
[19:54:46] <shizhao_> I continue to maintain Resource Request zt zhwp, and we new add a coordinator
[19:55:51] <Aaron-> shizhao_, oh that's interesting
[19:55:59] <Aaron-> who is the new coordinator?
[19:56:10] <FNartey> yeah you mean you have a new coordinator?
[19:56:17] <Aaron-> and can you give us a link to the resource request page if possible?
[19:56:18] <shizhao_> https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:%E9%9D%96%E5%A4%A9%E5%AD%90
[19:56:30] <shizhao_> User:靖天子
[19:56:35] <FNartey> Thanks
[19:56:53] <shizhao_> https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:%E7%BB%B4%E5%9F%BA%E7%99%BE%E7%A7%91%E5%9B%BE%E4%B9%A6%E9%A6%86/%E5%AF%BB%E6%B1%82%E8%B5%84%E6%BA%90
[19:57:34] <Aaron-> shizhao_, thank you
[19:57:49] <shizhao_> :)
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[19:58:52] <Aaron-> shizhao_, would it be possible for you to ask them to drop me an email so that I can get them started on working with us and the rest of you?
[19:59:39] <Guest47450> Hello,
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[20:01:23] <Guest47450> In the last few months, our efforts has focused on getting TWL page translated into Yoruba language. Our team is also currently working with a Yoruba language association to recruit volunteers who could actually help in improving our TWL branch
[20:01:26] <shizhao_> Aaron-, I try
[20:01:58] <Aaron-> shizhao_, that would be awesome, thank you
[20:02:39] <shizhao_> Our team is very loose....
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[20:03:54] <Aaron-> Guest47450, that sounds fantastic! Is the Yoruba language association an off-wiki group?
[20:04:16] <Aaron-> and can you link me to the homepage of Yoruba TWL please?
[20:04:26] <Aaron-> Shypoetess, welcome back
[20:05:28] <Aaron-> would you mind giving the channel an update on what's been happening in Hindi TWL?
[20:06:11] <Shypoetess> Nothing Much Aaron- .
[20:06:52] <Guest47450> Its off-wiki group. https://yo.wikipedia.org/wiki/WP:TWL
[20:07:44] <Shypoetess> Just floating the idea into non-Wiki people through meetups. Trying to engage academicians to increase popularity and resources.
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[20:08:56] <Shypoetess> Since I lack experience in hosting a #1Lib1Ref I'm waiting for the TWLCon to gain some insight into the process.
[20:09:17] <Aaron-> Guest47450, I see you are using the full version of TWL from the kit. Do you think the lite version would make life a little bit easier for you? https://meet.google.com/linkredirect?authuser=0&dest=https%3A%2F%2Fmeta.wikimedia.org%2Fwiki%2FThe_Wikipedia_Library%2FNew_branches_setup_guide%23Step_3%3A_Set_up_pages
[20:09:41] <Guest47450> I'll review it
[20:09:50] <Samwalton9> Better link: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/The_Wikipedia_Library/New_branches_setup_guide#Step_3:_Set_up_pages
[20:09:50] <Samwalton9> :D
[20:09:57] <Aaron-> thanks Sam
[20:11:01] <Aaron-> Guest47450, it's light weight and should require a significantly less amount of translation, so that you can focus on better things than getting held up on translations
[20:11:54] <Guest47450> I think we are almost done with the translation, anyway.
[20:12:00] <FNartey> @Shypoetess sure, let me take this opportunity to encourage coordinators here to read about the project and support if they think its interesting - https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Project/Rapid/KCVelaga/TWLCon_India_-_2019
[20:12:32] <Aaron-> Also Shypoetess came up with the idea of thematic branches (subject-specific branches), that would focus predominantly on themes with an expert on the field managing the branch
[20:12:52] <Aaron-> we haven't worked out the details yet, but it seems like a cool idea :)
[20:13:08] <Aaron-> Silvia, hey
[20:13:46] <Shypoetess> Not exactly my idea. Just brainstorming the pros and cons
[20:13:56] <Aaron-> anything to update on? If not, we'll switch gears and talk about #1Lib1Ref since it's around the corner
[20:14:27] <FNartey> Just to add to that, this is a proposed concept that @Shypoetess and other coordinators from India think will work best in their country
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[20:16:22] <FNartey> We wish to encourage you all to think about what works in your country like the folks from India are exploring
[20:16:30] <FNartey> We will be happy to support your findings
[20:17:42] <Aaron-> just reach out to one of us :)
[20:19:14] <Aaron-> moving on. #1Lib1Ref is almost here and we're planning for better global outreach than the previous campaigns
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[20:20:54] <Aaron-> I guess my questions are a, did you know #1Lib1Ref is around and b, the reaction (if any ) of your local community to the campaign?
[20:21:19] <Aaron-> KCVelaga, Shypoetess, Guest47450, Silvia
[20:22:08] <Shypoetess> A
[20:23:39] <Shypoetess> a) yes. In January. b) planning to consult community in December
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[20:25:07] <KCVelaga> Yes, I am planning for the campaign, I'll be reaching out to a few communities next month, and if necessary, provide necessary support to organise an event
[20:25:25] <KCVelaga> Sorry not next month, next week***
[20:25:58] <KCVelaga> We are targeting to have atleast five events in India :)
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[20:26:52] <KCVelaga> We've two confirmed events and one semi-confirmed till date, counting @Shypoetess we'll have another one, we'll atleast one more
[20:26:58] * Guest47450 (69702e7d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip. has joined
[20:28:11] <Aaron-> Thanks Shypoetess, we'll talk more about this during our meeting :)
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[20:28:36] <Shypoetess> Sure
[20:29:29] <Aaron-> KCVelaga, thanks for the update and your work. I understand you're meeting with Felix almost regularly - please don't hesitate to ask for our help should you need it
[20:30:45] <Aaron-> and also ideas, we'd love to hear your ideas on helping us reach deeper into the local communities in India
[20:31:01] <Shypoetess> i'll take a leave now. Till the next meeting. Bye :)
[20:31:17] <Samwalton9> Thanks for attending Shypoetess :)
[20:31:21] <Aaron-> Thanks for joining Shypoetess
[20:31:29] <Aaron-> see you shortly! :)
[20:31:42] <Aaron-> moving on to our final topic
[20:32:04] <Aaron-> is there anything you need from us? any questions, ideas, concerns?
[20:32:10] <Silvia> Maybe I am a little of topic, but I would inform you that we will present the TWL project in the next Wikimedia Italy meeting
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[20:32:22] <Samwalton9> Great! :)
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[20:32:42] <KCVelaga> It would be great to localise the Citation Hunt,
[20:32:52] <Aaron-> Silvia, I remember about this, and it's exciting. Do you have something prepared to present to the audience?
[20:33:16] <Silvia> We will start a research project on the wikipedians information needs in collaboration with the Univesrity of Florence when i'm working
[20:33:49] <Silvia> Yes, i did some slide, but if you have something...
[20:33:51] <Samwalton9> KCVelaga, have you seen https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Citation_Hunt#Adding_support_to_a_new_language ?
[20:34:24] <KCVelaga> It'll benefit us in two ways 1) We'll have more languages onboard 2) It'll be good encouragement for the communities to host an event to use the tool is their language
[20:34:39] <Samwalton9> That sounds interesting Silvia - do you have any more information about this research?
[20:36:02] <Aaron-> Silvia, we definitely have slides somewhere in our drive, but only Jake (lead) knows the whereabouts of the said slides
[20:36:28] <Aaron-> Silvia, I'll ask him tomorrow and forward it to you by the end of this week
[20:36:30] <KCVelaga> Yes I've seen that. But I am not at all into tech. I find it difficult to follow and so do other community members to whom I had a conversation in the past
[20:36:41] <Silvia> We, recently published an article in an academic revuu JLIS. This issue is entierely dedicated to the relationship between Wikipedia and libraries
[20:36:45] <Silvia> https://www.jlis.it/
[20:37:18] <Silvia> Thanks Aaron
[20:37:22] * FNartey (c5dd5072@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip. has joined
[20:37:43] <KCVelaga> It would be really awesome if a some online session (a video call) can be arranged, where you can demonstrate the process of localising the tool. At least the basics :)
[20:37:56] <KCVelaga> Ignore the typos
[20:39:43] <Aaron-> Silvia, no problem :)
[20:39:57] <Samwalton9> KCVelaga, that's good to know - I'll send you an email with the questions you need to answer for Citation Hunt support and I can file the Github task, if that would be easier.
[20:40:04] <Silvia> In the Italian community there is a project, Wikistation and Wikipassport. The aims is activates relationships whith cultural institutions, opening sources and furnishing help to wikipedians
[20:40:40] <Silvia> I think it would be interesting to create a connexion with TWL
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[20:41:30] <KCVelaga> Yes, that is awesome. But having an online session (a video call with screen sharing) can be even better. Because I can gather some 10 folks who will be interested to work on this in their new languages. Any thoughts on that?
[20:41:34] <Silvia> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikipassaporto/How_it_works/it
[20:42:15] <Samwalton9> KCVelaga, sure - we could organise something like that
[20:42:45] <Aaron-> Silvia, looks interesting, we'll follow up with you on that
[20:42:58] <KCVelaga> Great! Let us work on it. I will connect with you over email :)
[20:43:44] <Aaron-> think we've run out of time, before everyone leaves, we encourage you to join the global coordinators channel in Telegram
[20:43:56] <Aaron-> https://t.me/joinchat/FpgrIRDmNDhnlVkAHa2sZg
[20:44:02] <Aaron-> if you haven't already
[20:44:34] <Aaron-> thank you for a great meeting everyone!
[20:44:41] <KCVelaga> @Aaron a quick question, where are the IRC being published?
[20:44:57] <KCVelaga> Meta-Wiki? Link please ...
[20:45:11] <KCVelaga> IRC Logs***
[20:45:25] <Aaron-> We forgot to log the meeting this time, but I'll make sure to send a transcript of the minutes after the meeting
[20:45:54] <KCVelaga> Oh OK, thank you
[20:45:55] <Aaron-> see you soon!
[20:45:58] <Aaron-> Bye!
[20:45:59] <Aaron-> :)
[20:46:15] <KCVelaga> Bye!
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[20:46:45] <Samwalton9> Bye everyone :)