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This page is dedicated to the meeting minutes of all historical and the latest meeting of the steering committee members.

Minutes of the latest meeting[edit]

March, 18 2020[edit]

Attending: Mylee, Simon, Houcemeddin, Ayokanmi, Orly


Not attending: Merrilee, Clifford, Rajene, Felix


Coronavirus COVID-19 on Wiki WLUG noted the quality information and contribution of the many volunteers, including a prominent button on the front page of English language wiki and the translation work completed by volunteers around the world in other language editions.

International Women’s Day edit-a-thons[edit]

“Know My Name” around Australia was a partnership led by Wm-Australia and the National Gallery of Australia together with GLAM organisations at 7 locations across Australia, 125 editors added 78,800 words, 695 references, and 63 articles to Wikipedia on Australian women artists. “Notability” vs “National Significance” is a challenge when describing the work of many women in Wikipedia (e.g. Veronica Perrule Dobson an Australian linguist).

Wiki Gap events in Nigeria often had librarians in the audience and also the general public. The event focus was on getting women to participate. Also partnerships with NGOs and Swedish embassy.

Wiki workshops were held in Israel for international women’s day. Wm-Israel has had lots of media coverage with #1lib1ref which led to interest from libraries and librarians (schools, public and academic) all over the country to have workshops but they have to be postponed due to Coronavirus.

Wikicite Melbourne (14 February 2020)[edit]

Slides are available from all presentations at the Melbourne WikiCite event, hosted by Wm-Australia as a fringe event of the VALA2020 conference for libraries. The event featured presentations by @SiobhanLeachman, @tobyhudson 99of9, @WikiJSci, @nicolekearney, and @KerryRaymond. See the Outcomes dashboard

Next meeting[edit]

15 April 2020

Archives of our past meeting minutes[edit]