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Wikimedia Summit 2022/Participants' list

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Application review process[edit]

The Wikimedia Summit will be a hybrid event, and an inclusive, productive experience for both online and offline participants. Due to limited space on-site and based on the quality of applications, 95 in-person attendance slots (from a total of ~150) were allocated to affiliates, incl. seats for their full-time, paid Executive Directors.

As stated in the initial announcement email, an application process was established to produce a list of on-site attendees in a fair and transparent way. The application form consisted of three questions on each affiliate’s engagement and interest in Movement Strategy work.

All 117 applications were reviewed by six reviewers, namely: Hanan El-Youssef (WMF), Kaarel Vaidla (WMF), Cornelius Kibelka (WMF), Érica Azzelini (Wiki Movimento Brasil), Nikki Zeuner (WMDE), and Nicole Ebber (WMDE). When allocating in-person slots, the reviewers based their decisions not only on the answers given in the application, but put emphasis on the fact that all regions are represented, without a heavy skew towards Western Europe and North America.

The list has also been reviewed both by the Affiliations Committee and the Foundation’s Trust & Safety team. Banned participants cannot participate, affiliates under suspension may participate online only.

As pointed out in our announcement and the application form, answers provided to the three questions were published on Meta. This overview of each affiliate’s interest and engagement in Wikimedia 2030 creates transparency in the application process, indicates opportunities for exchange and partnerships, and will inform the Summit program.

This process was conducted in a time of transformation for our movement. We very much look forward to the moment when the movement charter eventually outlines equitable rules and processes for participation in what we assume will be the movement’s annual general meeting.

Full participants list[edit]

The Wikimedia Summit is the place for affiliates and the Wikimedia Foundation to come together to discuss and shape the future of the Wikimedia Movement.

Please note that this list only include people who gave their explicit consent to have their name published on this list in our registration sruvey.

Affiliate name On-site representatives Online representatives
Wikimedia Argentina Nico Giorgetti, Anna Torres JoRgE-1987
Wikimedia Australia Alex Lum AmandaSLawrence
Wikimedia Bangladesh Shabab Mustafa
Wikimedia Belgium Geertivp, Lionel Scheepmans
Wikimedia Canada Sarah
Wikimedia CH Jeeb1207
Wikimedia Chile Carlos, Patricia Díaz Rubio
Wikimedia Colombia Libardomm, Mónica Bonilla
Wikimedia Česká republika Jan Groh, Klára Joklová
Wikimedia District of Columbia Ariel Cetrone (WMDC)
Wikimedia Deutschland Franziska Heine, Christian Humborg Alice Wiegand
Wikimedia Eesti K2suvi
Wikimedia España Florenciac, Rubén Ojeda (WMES)
Wikimédia France Capucine-Marin Dubroca-Voisin, Rémy Gerbet Assassas77
Wikimédia Magyarország Gergő (Tgr)
Wikimedia Indonesia Harditaher, Hillun Vilayl Napis (WMID), Rachmat (tbd)
Wikimedia Israel Itzik Edri, Revital Poleg
Wikimedia Italia Catrin Vimercati iopensa/Iolanda Pensa
Wikimedia Korea Twotwo2019
Wikimedia México Ivan, Carmen Alcázar
Wikimedia Nederland Jan-Bart, Sandra Rientjes
Wikimedia New York City Megs, Rhododendrites
Wikimedia Norge Mali, Elisabeth Carrera (WMNO)
Wikimedia Österreich Sonja Fischbauer, Raimund Liebert Claudia.Garad
Wikimedia Polska Tomasz Wszeborowski, Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska
Wikimedia Portugal Gonçalo Themudo Femagap, Girassolei
Wikimedia Russia Stanislav Kozlovskiy
Wikimedia Serbia Miroslav Loci IvanaMadzarevic, AxeAdam20
Wikimedia South Africa Douglas Ian Scott
Wikimedia Suomi Cogitato, Robertsilen
Wikimedia Sverige André Costa, John Andersson Sofie Sigrinn
Wikimedia Taiwan imacat, Reke, Joycewikiwiki (WMTW)
Wikimedia Thailand James
Wikimedia UK Caroline Ball, Lucy Crompton-Reid
Wikimedia Ukraine Mykola Kozlenko AntonProtsiuk (WMUA), Renvoy
Wikimedia Venezuela Ybsen lucero

Thematic Organizations[edit]

Affiliate Name On-site representatives Online representatives Comment
Wiki Project Med Foundation 0 Whispyhistory, Avicenno

User Groups[edit]

Affiliate name On-site representatives Online representatives
AfroCROWD Sherry Antoine, MPA
Algeria Wikimedians User Group (wikiDZ) Muhammed amine benloulou
Arabic Wikimedians User Group Adel Nehaoua
Art+Feminism User Group Melissa Tamani, Kira julianamonteiro33388
Azerbaijani Wikimedians User Group Eldar Azimov Toghrul R
Commons Photographers User Group Filipinayzd, Shreya.Bhopal
Dagbani Wikimedians User Group Sadik Shahadu Alhassan Mohammed Awal, Din-nani1
Don Wikimedians User Group JukoFF
Esperanto and Free Knowledge Gilbert Ndihokubwayo, KuboF Hromoslav
Groupe d'utilisateurs de la communauté Wikimedia Guinée Conakry Aboubacarkhoraa
H-GAPS User Group arvm, Eyoungstrom
Hausa Wikimedians User Group Gwanki, Mohammed Aliyu
Igbo Wikimedians User Group Tochi Precious Olugold
Indic MediaWiki Developers User Group Nivas10798, ParasharSarthak
Iranian Wikimedians User Group Arash.pt, Mardetanha
Karavali Wikimedians BHARATHESHA ChiK, Vishwanatha Badikana
Kurdish Wikimedians User Group Mohammed Noori
Les sans pagEs Nattes à chat
Maithili Wikimedians User Group
Muj(lh)eres latinoamericanas en Wikimedia Jalu
Myanmar Wikimedia Community User Group Ninjastrikers, Yinmayoo
North Carolina Wikipedians no misunderstanding, Sodapopinski7
North-West Russia Wiki-Historians User Group
Odia Wikimedians User Group Jnanaranjan_sahu, MKar, Psubhashish
Ohio Wikimedians User Group
Open Foundation West Africa Kaffzz, Ruby D-Brown, Ralph
Philippine Wikimedia Community User Group (PhilWiki) Johnny Alegre MarvinBikolano
Punjabi Wikimedians User Group Nitesh Gill Jagseer S Sidhu
Shared Knowledge Dandarmkd
West Bengal Wikimedians User Group Bodhisattwa
Whose Knowledge? MassiveEartha, Mariana Fossatti (WK?), Sunshine Fionah Komusana
Wiki Movimento Brasil Lucas Piantá (WMB), João Alexandre Peschanski Ederporto
WikiWomen's User Group Stella Sessy Agbley AKibombo
WikiClassics User Group Alexmar983, Epìdosis, Jahl de Vautban
WikiDonne User Group Alessandra, T Marziali, Mickey83
Wikiesfera User Group Lili Alviárez (Lalviarez) Zapipedia, PatriHorrillo
WikiJournal User Group OhanaUnited, Jacknunn
Wikimaps User Group Mohammed Kamale-Deen Fuseini (Dnshitobu) Susannaanas, seav
Wikimedia User Group of Aotearoa New Zealand Mike Dickison
Wikimedia Community Ireland Rebecca O'Neill Dowlinme
Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia Mikheil Chabukashvili
Wikimedia Community User Group Greece Magioladitis
Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia Taufik Lohalexlha
Wikimedia Community User Group Malta Nevborg
Wikimedia Community User Group Rwanda Mrbobax, RebeccaRwanda, Derrick Ndahiro
Wikimedia Community User Group Tchad Abakar B
Wikimedia Community User Group Turkey Zafer
Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda Geoffrey Kateregga Erinamukuta
Wikimedia Ghana User Group Justice Okai-Allotey Robertjamal12, Sandiooses
Wikimedia MA User Group Rachidourkia
Wikimedia Small Projects in Spanish User Group Galahad
Wikimedia Stewards User Group Martin/DerHexer
Wikimedia TN User Group Sami Mlouhi
Wikimedia User Group Nigeria Olushola Kaizenify
Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network Andrew Lih
Wikimedians of the Levant Nanour Garabedian Sandra Hanbo
Wikimedians for Offline Wikis User Group Florence Devouard
Wikimedians for Sustainable Development Ainali
Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group arianit
Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group 1
Wikimedians Of Mali User Group Rgaudin
Wikimedians of Nepal Nirmal Dulal Nabin K. Sapkota, सरोज कुमार ढकाल
Wikimedians of Romania and Moldova User Group Claudia Serbanuta
Wikimedians of Slovakia Matej Grochal
Wikimedians of Tamazight User Group Rachid Hamatou, Zinou2go
Wikimedians of Turkic Languages User Group Y. Caner Ö.
Wikimedians of United Arab Emirates User Group هاني يكن (Hani Yakan)
Wikimedians of Western Armenian Language User Group Shahen A
Wikimédiens du Bénin User Group MERMOZE Fawaz.tairou, Saliousoft
Wikimedistas de Bolivia Olga carlillasa, Guillotinado
Wikimedistas de Uruguay Scann (WDU), Paula (WDU)
Wikimujeres Ester Bonet
Wikipedia & Education User Group LiAnna
Wikipedia + Libraries User Group clifford_anderson, Orlysi, Windblown29
Wikipedians of Goa User Group Fredericknoronha
Wikitongues User Group jkodner18
Yoruba Wikimedians User Group Isaac Olatunde Macdanpets, Agbalagba

Movement Partners[edit]

Affiliate name On-site representatives Online representatives
Centre for Internet and Society - Access to Knowledge Subodh
Wiki Education Foundation Frank Schulenburg


The implementation of Regional and Thematic Hubs is currently one of the most active initiatives of the Movement Strategy. Therefore, we have reserved a very small amount of additional invites for Hubs groups. Based on the published list of affiliates that will be participating in the Wikimedia Summit in-person, a few additional slots were provided to groups that are working on establishing a hub. Many Hubs will be already represented by affiliate representatives participating in the Summit. Therefore, criteria for providing additional in-person slots were based on either lack of in-person attendance or advanced state of progress in setting-up a Hub. Other groups will receive one online participation slot each.

Name On-site representative Online representatives
CEE Delphine Ménard / notafish
WikiFranca Eliane
West Africa Emmanuel H. A. Yeboah
East Africa Douglaseru
Latin America Alhen
Volunteer Supporters Network (VSN) Constanza Verón (WMAR)
Content Partnerships Eric Luth (WMSE)
Lusophone Chicocvenancio
WikiArabia شيماء

Wikimedia Foundation[edit]

Board of Trustees[edit]

Name Attendance
Nataliia Tymkiv On-site
Shani Evenstein On-site
Jimmy Wales On-site
Raju Narisetti On-site
Lorenzo Losa On-site
Victoria Doronina On-site
Dariusz Jemielniak On-site
Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight On-site
Luis Bitencourt-Emilio On-site


Name Attendance
Maryana Iskander On-site
Amanda Keton On-site
Quim Gil On-site
Lisa Gruwell On-site
Mayur Paul On-site
Kassia Echavarri-Queen On-site
Simona Ramkisson On-site
Selena Deckelmann On-site
Marshall Miller On-site
Birgit Müller On-site
Vignesh Ashok On-site
Jaime Villagomez On-site
Megan Hernandez Online
Yael Weissburg Online
Caitlin Virtue Online
Ben Vershbow Online
Manar Criner Online
Mehrdad Pourzakikhani Online
Maggie Dennis Online
Jacob Rogers Online
Jan Eissfeldt Online
Franziska Putz Online
Stephen LaPorte Online
Margeigh Novotny Online
Desiree Abad Online
Natalia Rodrigez Online
Niharika Kohli Online
Liam Wyatt Online
Jamie Anstee Online
Leila Zia Online


Movement Charter Drafting Committee[edit]

Name Attendance
أناس السدراتي On-site
Risker/Anne On-site
Daria Cybulska On-site
Érica Azzellini On-site
Georges Fodouop On-site
Manav On-site
Pepe Flores On-site
Ravan J Al-Taie On-site
Reda Kerbush On-site
Richard Knipel (User:Pharos) On-site
Runa Bhattacharjee On-site
Michał Buczyński On-site

Affiliations Committee[edit]

Name Attendance
Benoît Prieur On-site
Jeffrey User:FULBERT On-site
Wojciech Pędzich On-site
Başak Tosun On-site
Suyash Dwivedi On-site
Bunty Avieson Online
Mehman Ibragimov Online
Joy Agyepong Online

Regional Grants Committees[edit]

Name Attendance
Berna On-site
Hana Yariv - Hanay On-site
Thomas On-site
Abhishek Suryawanshi On-site
Lilian Viana Online
Justine Toms Online
CJ Brickhouse Online
Euphemia Uwandu Online
Butch Bustria Online
Marco Montanari Online
Paulo Santos Perneta Online

Other participants[edit]

Name Attendance
Z.Blace Capacity Exchange On-site
Anna Mazgal FKAGEU On-site

Program Team / Event Management[edit]

Name Type
Bhavesh Patel Facilitation
Rob Lancaster Facilitation
Luís Manuel Pinto Facilitation
Naomi Martin Facilitation
Olha Kotska Facilitation
Kaarel Vaidla Wikimedia Foundation, Program team
Hanan El-Youssef Wikimedia Foundation, Program team
Cornelius Kibelka Wikimedia Foundation, Event support
Abbad Diraneyya Wikimedia Foundation, Event support
Yop Rwang Pam Wikimedia Foundation, Event support
Nasma Ahmed Wikimedia Foundation, Facilitation/Friendly Space
Kalliope Tsouroupidou Wikimedia Foundation, Facilitation/Friendly Space
Christel Steigenberger Wikimedia Foundation, Facilitation/Friendly Space
Maiken Hagemeister Wikimedia Deutschland, Summit project lead
Nicole Ebber Wikimedia Deutschland, Summit project lead
Nicola Zeuner Wikimedia Deutschland, Program team
Eva Martin Wikimedia Deutschland, Event support
Louisa Meyer Wikimedia Deutschland, Event support
Alice Körner Wikimedia Deutschland, Event support
Alan Ang Wikimedia Deutschland, Breakout facilitation
Julia Gebert Wikimedia Deutschland, Breakout facilitation
Julia Kirchner Wikimedia Deutschland, Breakout facilitation
Kannika Thaimai Wikimedia Deutschland, Breakout facilitation
Oliver Moldenhauer Wikimedia Deutschland, Breakout facilitation
Tjane Hartenstein Wikimedia Deutschland, Communication team
Leo Sring Wikimedia Deutschland, Communication team
Vera Krick Wikimedia Deutschland (for Friendly Space)
Nicolas Rück Wikimedia Deutschland (for Friendly Space)
Anna-Katharina Gödeke Wikimedia Deutschland (for Friendly Space)
Thiemo Kreuz Wikimedia Deutschland (for Friendly Space)
Lilli Iliev Wikimedia Deutschland (for Friendly Space)
Janna Siebert Wikimedia Deutschland (for Friendly Space)
Stephan Rost Wikimedia Deutschland (for Reimbursement)
Nadine Prenzlow Wikimedia Deutschland (for Reimbursement)
Marzena Knaflewska Wikimedia Deutschland (for Reimbursement)
Claudia Langrock Wikimedia Deutschland (for Reimbursement)