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Muj(lh)eres latinoamericanas en Wikimedia is a Wikimedia User Group for women of latinoamerican countries in the wiki movement. Our scope covers almost all countries in the territory known as Latin America, from Mexico to the South Pole, except for the small territories where English or Dutch are spoken. Working language may be Spanish(es) or Portuguese (pt) and any other language spoken in the region. Membership is open to all people interested in supporting our mission. Women from WMF affiliate user groups, chapters and other active Wikimedians are invited to join.


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Problem 1: Latin american women are underrepresented in the Wikimedia movement and projects. Some countries in the region are not even represented in the movement. Solution 1: We believe that it is important to have a user group that can operate in the region, that focuses only on attracting women contributors, independently of the content they want to contribute. All latinoamerican countries, we come together as a group because we have a common idiosyncrasy and culture, and we share a common history, specially women from countries that have been colonized by the Iberian countries of Spain and Portugal. The countries in this region share similar development indicators, which gives us a common ground for working inclusively with communities that are not yet online.

We aspire to work in collaboration with all user groups and chapter of the region. We also want to engage Latin American women living abroad, who can become contributors and be ambassadors for our group in other regions.

Problem 1.1: We have observed that there is a lack of tracing of the participants after the events related to resolving the gender gap, which prevents the detection of the continuity of their contributions. We can presume that the majority of the participants in Wikimedia activities don't continue editing. Most of the times there is not a systematized tracing so it's not possible to know the effectiveness of the gender gap activities. Solution 1.1.: We want to define tracking parameters to trace the contributions of newcomers and see who continue editing.
Problem 1.2: This problem is reflected in the scarcity of female leaders formed within the movement. Solution 1.2: Training of users, with a gender perspective, encouraging participation in activities so, in the future, they will lead and enrich the movement. We need models from the same country.
Problem 1.3: The tasks carried out to increase the presence of women often work as isolated activities. Solution 1.3: We propose a comprehensive strategy that works holistically.

General goals[edit]

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  • We want to narrow the gender gap.
  • Our main goal is to engage latinamerican women as contributors on all Wikimedia projects, including Wikipedia, Wikiquote, Wiktionary, Wikidata, Wikibooks, Wikiversity, Wikimedia Commons, Wikisource, Wikimews, Wikispecies and Wikivoyage.
  • To foster a meeting space between Latin American women contributors to strengthen ties and a sense of belonging and community identity.

Specific goals[edit]

Goals related to problem 1:
  • To develop a diagnosis of the participation of Latin American women in Wikimedia.
  • To create a more inclusive and diverse editing community.
  • To increase the number of Latin American women editors.
  • To recruite women collaborators to our projects and to engage them in many different Wikimedia projects.
Goals related to solve problem 1.1:
  • To design tools that serve us to carry out a personal follow-up of new users who come to our activities, to support them in their task of editing.
Goals related to solve problem 1.2:
  • To train women around the whole region, specially in those underrepresented countries.
  • To support women newcomers who are approaching or learning in the workshops organized by Wikimedia.
  • To organize offline activities for women in Latin American countries
Goals related to solve problem 1.3:
  • To design a comprehensive strategy that articulates our activities, facing the diversity of problems.
  • To support other Wikimedians, chapters and user groups interested in narrowing the gender gap in Wikimedia movement.


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Our main strategy is to create a space conducive to the participation of Latin American women in all Wikimedia's platforms. The result will also lead to diversity in terms of content. This strategy is based on three areas that need to be continuously fed back because they don't have to be insulated:

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A) To design specific training modes and educational resources for newcomers.
  • To raise awareness, among editors, about what the movement means.
  • To create learning patterns and tutorials to teach women how to edit.
  • To improve the contents in a quantitative and qualitative way.
B) To design user tracking modes for newcomers.
  • The detection of women users who are already editing, but in an autonomous way, to invite them to join the movement.
  • The creation and development of a tool to monitor the contents created and the continuity of women contributors.
C) To design support strategies for newcomers.
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to understand why women leave Wikipedia and stop editing (spotting problems before a solution is implemented).
  • The strengthen of the communication network among women users through different channels, such as Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Whastapp, mailing lists and talk pages in Wikipedia or other plattforms.
  • Meetings of the members of the SWOT group (strengths, weaknessesand, opportunities and threats).
  • Fraternization activities, to organice meetups in different cities around the region to bring new users together and seed local community groups.


We adhere to the Friendly Space Policy for all our events.

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Please check here our reports.


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