Wikimedia Summit 2022/Registration

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Registration for the event[edit]

For on-site participants:[edit]

Registration will happen through our event platform. Participants travelling to Berlin will receive an individual access link before May 20 to proceed to registration.

For online participants:[edit]

Based on the feedback we received, we decided to extend online participation to allow for more inclusion and equity.

  • Some sessions will be streamed publicly to ensure a certain level of transparency and flow of information.
  • Workshops will be open for registered participants from eligible affiliates and other eligible attendees (WMF, committees, etc., details tbc).
  • Each eligible affiliate will be allocated a total of 3 seats for participation for both on-site and online participation. This includes the affiliate’s representatives and Executive Directors. That means:
    • If an affiliate doesn’t have in-person representation at all, 3 online slots for participation will be provided.
    • If an affiliate has 1 in-person representative attending, the affiliate gets 2 additional online slots for participation.
    • If an affiliate has 2 in-person representatives (the Executive Director), the affiliate gets 1 additional online slot.

More information on the registration process will follow in July.

Application for on site participants[edit]

This year, all Affiliate representatives will go through a short application process to develop the list of attendees in a fair and transparent way. Each Affiliate is eligible to participate, if they are compliant on reporting, and recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation before 31 March 2021. In order to assign the limited on-site slots, each Affiliate’s engagement and interest in Movement Strategy work will be considered.

Who can apply?[edit]

Before applying, please agree among members of your affiliate which one person will be sent. Each Affiliate can submit one application for on-site participation. Affiliates with a full-time, paid Executive Director get an additional seat on-site for that person. Representatives of the Wikimedia Foundation (Board, staff, committees) will go through a separate process for application and travel.

Application form[edit]


Participants have been asked the following answers in the application form:

Personal information:

  • Please indicate:
    • your name
    • your Wikimedia Affiliate
    • your role/position in the Affiliate (e.g. chair, board member, staff)
    • your country of residence
    • your email address

Requirements for participation:

Please note that the working language at the on-site event will be English, for the online event, we are looking into providing language support.

  • Please confirm:
    • ... that you have been selected to be the official representative of your affiliate
    • ... that your Affiliate is compliant with reporting requirements and has been recognized by the WMF before March 31, 2021 (Note: Your Affiliate has to be marked as compliant before the end of the application period, 18 April)
    • ... that you have read and understood the requirements and deadlines for the Wikimedia Summit 2022
  • How would you like to participate?
    • on-site in Berlin
    • online only

Travel management:

Please familiarize yourself with the requirements for visa and travel/COVID-19 restrictions already.

  • Will you get a visa to travel to Germany?
  • Can you follow the current COVID-19 rules in Germany (mandatory testing or proof of immunity)

Engagement in Movement Strategy (past and present):

Please provide information about your Affiliate’s engagement in Movement Strategy (past, present, planned for future). Engagement in MS is not a prerequisite. We are gathering information to ensure continuity with those who have been deeply involved to-date as well as ensure that the Summit opens the door for people and Affiliates engaging in MS for the first time.

  • Has your Affiliate already been engaged in Movement Strategy activities and events in the past?
    • If yes: What has been your Affiliate’s previous engagement with Movement Strategy?
    • If no: What has held your Affiliate back from engaging with Movement Strategy?
  • How do you envision your Affiliate’s role in the implementation of Movement Strategy? Feel free to refer to specific initiatives, recommendations or principles.
  • How could participating in the Summit help your Affiliate contribute to Movement Strategy implementation?

In order to be able to pull the event off under these difficult circumstances, your support and responsiveness is essential, as there will be no exceptions to these deadlines.

The application data from each affiliate has been published.