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January, 15 2020[edit]

Attending: Mylee, Aaron, Houcemeddine, Ayokanmi, Orly, Clifford
Apologies: Rajene, Merrilee
Not attending: Felix


Updates to the Wikimedia and Libraries User Group page on meta The WLUG presence on meta has been enhanced with improved navigation and the new resources list that Rajene coordinated. Future plans include adding translation-tags to the resources page. Responsibility: Aaron (translation-tags); Orly (Hebrew translation); Houcemeddine (French translation)

1lib1ref and the WLUG[edit]

The value of sharing #1lib1ref stories from around the world to inspire librarians and Wikimedians was noted. The May 2020 (southern hemisphere) campaign is a focus for WLUG. A map and case studies from the campaigns around the world would be particularly relevant. Responsibility: Alex and Felix to be invited to share case studies.

1lib1ref campaign (northern hemisphere)[edit]

The campaign in Israel was very successful with 140 librarians joining the Facebook page, and members posting daily. The main activities were reported in the media and in addition to the Hebrew language activities a workshop is planned in Arabic for librarians.

Nigerian libraries are getting more involved with #1lib1ref, however there are still librarians who don’t know much about Wikipedia, how reliable it is and some may see it as competition.

Discussion ensued about the need for retention of new librarian editors after #1lib1ref to keep them involved and to acknowledge their participation. It may be possible to direct them to some things they can continue to work on. It was noted that in some regions they may need Wikimedia ambassadors, particularly when there isn’t an active group of editors in the area.

Wikimania 2020[edit]

Librarians and Wikipedians on the African continent face a challenge locating reliable sources to minimise the risk of fake news. African editors are often challenged because not all African online resources are regarded as trustworthy. Houcem noted the issue of the information gap in Africa where limited information is available online. Responsibility: Houcem to share a link for librarians to contribute reliable resources about Africa.

Wikimedia Summit[edit]

Wikimedia Summit will be held in Berlin from April 3 to 5, 2020 The next WLUG meeting will focus on discussion of the Movement Strategy document and our input to the Summit. Responsibility: Clifford is attending as our representative; All to read the strategy document for discussion.

Funding for #1lib1ref and the WLUG as a locus for grant funding[edit]

The rapid grants program has a lower limit of $500 which is more than many libraries need for a 1lib1ref event (e.g. catering for a coffee hour). This has resulted in a large number of applications for small amounts. There are some ideas for further discussion about how the WLUG can be involved, including the potential for WLUG to apply for funding to distribute as microgrants. This will be discussed further in anticipation of the May 2020 #1lib1ref campaign in the southern hemisphere. Responsibility: Felix

Wikimedia Summit[edit]

. As an affiliate group WLUG will participate in the event. The focus of the meeting will be on the Movement Strategy for the Wikimedia Foundation and its affiliates. It was agreed Clifford will attend as the WLUG representative. Responsibility Clifford

Next meeting[edit]

19 February 2020