Wikimedia and Libraries User Group/Meeting minutes/2018/April/24

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April 24-25, 2018[edit]


  1. Poll discussion - expand to user group? If so, what needs to be done next
  2. Reports from Wikimedia Conference
  3. Would we like to schedule some time for lead programs manager, WMF, to meet with this group?
  4. Status of the name change and consequences (Wiki pages, mailing lists?, whatever)
  5. GLAMWiki Conference 3-5 November 2018, Tel Aviv, Israel m:GLAMTLV2018/Welcome
  6. #1lib1ref (May 15 - June 5, 2018) m:1Lib1Ref


  1. Poll discussion needs more input from membership (possibly not all steering committee members have responded at this point).
    1. What do librarians want from this group, how do we translate some of the ideas in “means and ends” into projects that we can ask stakeholders to provide input on? We could put out the things that are rated as priorities (4) for discussion to stakeholders (eg. Facebook group, mailing list, wiki space). Would be useful to find out what’s already been done in library settings, lessons learned or blocks people found. We may get a low level of input. Connecting librarians (eg #1lib1ref new editors) into communication channels. ##Could we send a message out to their userpages/talk pages to let people who contributed to #1lib1ref to let them know about Facebook and the mailing list?
    2. How does mass messaging work, what would be possible? Autowikibrowser can be used to add messages. The goal to generate meaningful, doable and engagement points > developing community and conversation. Provide options for feedback.
    3. Can we identify any edits to the poll and pass them on to TWL’s partnership coordinator who developed the original poll in Google doc forms? Also, ask if he’s available to assist or to provide edit access.
    4. What is the best way to achieve what we need, a survey may not be the best tool? If we take the means and ends poll out to the larger group we need to narrow it down before wider engagement as some items are only of relevance to the steering committee. Would it be useful to collect some data about librarians contributing information (eg. library type, geographic location)?
    5. Can we investigate what assistance WMF can provide to the information gathering exercise?
    Agreed actions:
    Scrape the poll questions, drop into a Google doc to circulate to the steering committee to provide edits/suggestions for circulation to a wider user group audience. (Perhaps express it in terms of libraries, librarians, their community rather than this user group or its steering committee)
  2. Wikimedia Conference report
    1. Wikidata is a big topic, and a user is designing tools for delivering Wikidata workshops/training to librarians (we noted more training is needed in this space particularly for our User Group members - part of our communication role should be spreading this information out to libraries/librarians/library school students and faculty)
  3. Structured data on Commons
    1. Meetups - GLAM and also Libraries; lead programs manager, WMF is interested to connect with this group in future - perhaps via a Google hangout?
  4. Lawsuit en:Wikimedia Foundation v. NSA there will be information relevant to US librarians. Can our user group assist with the communications plan?
    Agreed actions:
    Invite lead programs manager to our next meeting hangout (2 weeks or so); check with him re. what he wants to talk with us about to determine the timing for meeting and where the group is up to.
  5. Name change
    1. Still in progress (followups to be done)
  6. GLAMWiki Conference 3-5 November 2018, Tel Aviv, Israel m:GLAMTLV2018/Welcome submissions close in next 3 days. (30 April, midnight UTC); could we do a workshop or a presentation about WLUG; a meetup?
  7. #1lib1ref new campaign has been announced for May 15 - June 5, 2018 m:1Lib1Ref
    1. Add a link to FB page and listserv to promotional emails that are circulated.
  8. (Coming out of the Wikidata discussion). Should we have an “ends” to engage with library schools/educators to get Wikipedia etc into the education of new librarians?