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November, 20 2019[edit]

Attending: Cliff, Rajene, Aaron, Felix, Merrilee, Orly, Ayokanmi, Simon Apologies: Mylee, Houcemeddine Not attending:


Wikimania 2020[edit]

Wikimania 2020 is scheduled to be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 5 to 9 August, 2020. The Wikimedia Australia committee has advised that they have representatives on the program committee for Wikimania 2020 and would like WLUG input via a list of suggestions and ideas for a library strand / panel / space.

WLUG suggestions for topics include: WikiCite including using it as part of scholarly communications, #1libref, Wikidata and librarians: a daily role for contribution; Update from WLUG; contributing to projects as an institution rather than an individual: navigating conflict of interest requirements, how to interact with tools, how to motivate people to contribute in their day jobs. Responsibility: Mylee

Librarians Love Wikipedia[edit]

An idea for a promotional campaign that inverts the focus on Wiki to addressing the audience of library people. Brainstorming a campaign of collecting stories: documenting librarians using Wikipedia etc in their day jobs and featuring those examples from around the world that are inspiring and can be replicated in other areas. Discussion ensued on scoping the campaign. Clifford provided a draft survey and requested some WLUG steering committee input re: additional survey questions to draw input and comments from our steering group membership and wider library circles. Responsibility Clifford gathering information; Everyone send survey question suggestions to Clifford

WikiCite ANZ Fri 14 Feb 2020 in Melbourne[edit]

WLUG steering committee agreed to support Wikimedia Australia on this program noting that Wikicite has a lot of crossover with the type of bibliographic data libraries deal with and has application to scholarly communication. Responsibility: Mylee

WLUG Training Resources update[edit]

The training resources have been compiled and will be reviewed for relevance and date of creation / update as they are added to the meta page. Responsilibty: Merrilee and Aaron

#1Lib1Ref (January 15 - February 5, 2020)[edit]

A discussion about how WLUG can assist with the annual campaigns, including assisting with the grant process and possibly “office hours” to provide support to library workers who want to participate in the campaign.

Next meeting - 18 December 2019