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September, 18 2019[edit]

  • Attending: Simon, Mylee, Aaron, Orly, Clifford
  • Apologies: Merrilee, Rajene, Felix
  • Not attending: Ayokanmi, Houcem


Training Resources

The Wikidata content has been added.  Rajene to advise if the training resources are ready to be transferred to meta. Responsibility: Rajene

WLUG - Group coordination and focus activities

WLUG meetings - How to make the WLUG meetings more accessible was discussed as for some steering committee members video calls are not viable with a slow internet connection.

Libraries in Wikidata - photos of libraries for Wikidata can be uploaded from this WikiShootMe map:

Promoting the WLUG

*Grant application for printed materials amongst others: Simple Annual Plan Grants or Project Grants

  • Adding libraries to Wikidata -
  • Wikidata conference in Berlin in Oct. - wikibase

*Wikipedia loves libraries was discussed, however it may be time to launch a new campaign focussing on specific aspects for example: Simon suggests focussing on Wikidata additions. Mylee suggests highlighting examples of good practice as in the industry people often look to other libraries and their successes for inspiration. Clifford suggests we invert the idea to a  Librarians love Wikipedia campaign!! We could collect success stories and case studies of how librarians use or contribute to wiki projects.  The process would include preparing a simple template for stories.  Responsibility: Clifford will design a template

WLUG project management - Aaron suggests using a project management tool eg for the user group (Documentation:

Wiki training - WLUG steering committee members would like to learn more about

  • Wikimedia Space social platform. Invite Elena to repeat the demonstration from Wikimania at a future meeting.
  • Wikibase, how it works and its application to libraries (eg the Library of Congress project )

Wikimania North America - WLUG needs to submit a proposal before the deadline. There will be a strong librarian presence and it would be good to have some visibility via a panel and also with postcards / stickers and a WLUG poster that is interactive inviting people to add a post-it with a question for WLUG. Responsibility: Cliff + Merrilee

Next meeting 16 October 2019