Wikimedia and Libraries User Group/Meeting minutes/2018/May/14

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May 14-15, 2018[edit]


  1. Group contacts for the user group will be User:Sodapopinski7 and User:Merrilee. User group name change has been finalised pending official announcement from AffCom.
  2. Good to put out a reworked poll of priorities to the wider membership. The user group has more than 100 members so we may need to simplify the questions or redesign for that audience.
  3. Scraped “ends” for the new poll for user group (feel free to rework)
    • Get global access to Wikipedia Library resources with a single, unique account for all Wikimedians
    • Become a centre of professional engagement between Wikimedia and libraries, proactively coordinating outreach to library professionals and attendance at events
    • Changing perception of Wikipedia as an enemy or a competitor, but rather as a collaborator
    • Highlight local, regional benefits from participating in Wikimedia
    • Build the international community of Wikipedian librarians as a social professional and activist network, not just a reference resource
    • Deepen understanding of how to engage with libraries and librarians from under-represented regions
    • Relieve anxiety about 'doing Wikipedia wrong' and get people excited to join
    • Educate librarians that Wikipedia is a community first, a research resource second
    • Educate librarians about how Wikipedia fits in with their profession, tenure and promotion requirements, open access movement, codes of ethics, etc
    • Improve Wikipedia outreach and remote participation to rural libraries
  4. Scraped Means (might be seen as more “actionable):
    • Present at library conferences and events
    • Revive Wikipedia Loves Libraries
    • Expand campaigns like 1lib1ref, and get librarians more involved in other campaigns
    • Turn 1lib1ref from a campaign into a year-long, 24/7 branch (Or at least shift it so it isn’t in the middle of the southern hemisphere summer school holidays)
    • Roll out the Wikipedia + Libraries OCLC-style course on a global scale, not necessarily as one big event, but as multiple events in different regions/timezones (in 3 modules: reading and usage, editing, programming)
    • Showing library institutions how to build Wikipedia into their workflows and even their marketing (reference desk, skills & promotions, programming)
    • Disseminate information about library news and trends happening on an international level
    • Explain "The Wikipedia Library" and how can it help those who already have resource access
    • Make use of social media channels to help each other out during edit-a-thons, to exchange expertise and resources
    • Promote what Wikipedia Library actually provides to researchers and libraries--a lot of librarians don’t know that this exists.
  5. GLAM Wiki in Tel Aviv
    • GLAM Wiki Conference 3-5 November 2018, Tel Aviv, Israel m:GLAMTLV2018/Welcome today is the last day for scholarship applications.
    • Would be useful to look at the library related submissions to find out about current projects and partnerships