Wikimedia budget/2005/Q4/promo

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This is a detailed breakdown of what the promotional budget line entails.

  • Flyers
  • Promotional gear (banners, flags etc.)
  • Mailings, thank you cards, sollicitation


Making posters/flyers/pins for local conferences and event-tables, or funds to produce them centrally and ship them -- for all parts of the world without a chapter with its own budget:

  • $50/conference x 20 conferences = $1k

Reusable promotional gear: banners, flags, etc., for cities where there are many events and a local group attending them:

  • $200/locale x 2 cities = $400

Sporadic contest awards or handouts: t-shirts, wikireaders, and other gear from the wiki-store. (A small canonical award pool from the foundation on top of whatever else local contest organizers drum up, encouraging contest organizers to 'register' them by requesting these funds and to go through with their contest ideas)

  • 1 contest/mo @ $50 = $150

Mailings: thank-you cards, solicitations/outreach to universities and other targeted organizations.

  • 1000 letters/quarter @ $0.35 each? = $350
NB: Did Wikimedia get its postal exemption yet in the US? If so, domestic mail will be under $0.35; international will be more.