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Wikimedia Czech Republic report 2/2012 – 8/2012[edit]

Main events[edit]

Community meetings[edit]

There were several meetings of the community. Czech Wikipedia community met on 20th February 2012 (Prague), 19th March 2012 (Prague), 25th March 2012 (Brno), 16th April 2012 (Prague), 21th May 2012 (Prague), 9th June 2012 (Brno), 18th June 2012 (Prague), 16th July 2012 (Prague) and 20th August 2012 (Prague). The main goal of Wikimedia Czech Republic was to transform these meetings from a nice talk of the community to actual workshops where various ideas are presented. There were several topics presented on this meetings. Wikimedia Czech Republic also intended to attract more people outside from the Czech capital. Two meetings in Brno (second largest city in the country – approximately 300 thousand inhabitants) were designed to match this goal. The first meeting was attended by about 30 people and several presentations (including Wiki Loves Monuments) were on display. The second meeting had a bit smaller attendance and mostly Czech GLAM was presented.

Board meetings[edit]

There were several board meetings:

  • 14th February: Several decisions were taken: Czech presence at the Finance meeting in Paris, personal changes in the committee of Presentation&Outreach grant, Wiki loves monuments etc.
  • 24th April: The board talked about presence of Wikimedia Czech Republic on various fairs, Wiki Loves Monuments, Finance Meeting in Paris and Wikimania 2012
  • 17th May: The board talked about personal issues and Wikimania 2012
  • 26th June: The board talked about Wiki Loves Monuments and Wikimania 2012
  • 9th August: Mostly internal issues were solved. The board also discussed the progress in Wiki Loves Monuments

General assembly[edit]

There was a regular general assembly on 17th March 2012. It was attended by 14 members of our chapter, some other were active on the etherpad. The new Revision Committee was elected (3 members: Zirland, Frettie, Reo On). Finance report was not accepted on this assembly and it is still an issue to be solved in our chapter. It will be presented for a mail vote in following weeks.

Board situation[edit]

After a majority vote (21 out of 23 voters) Gampe was elected as the fith member of our board on 9th May 2012. Gampe is already a valuable member of czech GLAM. Thanks to him the communication between our Board and the GLAM platform is much faster. The board has now 5 members so a possibility of a stalemate result during a voting process on our board meetings is now generally excluded. All other members of the Board (Limojoe, Aktron, Jirka O. and Jan Spousta) stayed and no changes were made.


The GLAM platform of WMCZ successfully grew during 2012. Participation with several institution was founded, including partnership for Wiki Loves Monuments contest. The GLAM institution successfully cooperates with Národní památkový ústav (National Heritage Institute), Slezské zemské muzeum v Opavě (SZMO, Silesian museum in Opava), Třebechovické muzeum betlémů (Třebechovice museum of Mechanical cribs), Hornický skanzen Mayrau (Mayrau coal mining museum/skansen), Dejvické divadlo (Dejvice theater) etc. The activities of the GLAM platform were presented at GLAM camp Belgrade (24-25th February 2012), and to our community on various meeting during 2012. The cooperation with Geographical library and Map Collection of Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, will start soon.

Students Write Wikipedia[edit]

An education program called 'Studenti píší Wikipedii' – Students Write Wikipedia successfully grew during 2012, closely affiliated to the Wikipedia Education Program. Organizing team members successfully cooperate with the Faculty of Science of the Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Philosophy of Palackého University, Faculty of Philosophy of Masarykova University, Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University in Prague and Faculty of Science of the Palacký University. About 150 articles were created or rewritten during the summer term of 2012, similar projects are prepared for the next (winter) term 2012/2013. Bonds with some new university institutions have been made in order to increase the diversity of our projects.

Grants (Mediagrant and P&O)[edit]

Committees of Mediagrant and P&O published their own reports regarding activities in these two grants.

Among the most important and active projects of the Mediagrant, the Project Protected Areas (Projekt Chráněná území/Obrazová dokumentace Chráněných území a památných stromů) should be pointed out. The participants of this project successfully started to cooperate with media and presented it's activities at various schools and institutions. A first YouTube clip for this project was shooted in spring/summer 2012. Photography of Czech villages (Foto českých obcí) is another successful project that operates within the boundaries of Mediagrant. Since 2012/1 16 photographic journeys were organized by this grant and several hundreds of pictures were taken for Commons.

Other activities[edit]

  • Activities of Wikimedia Czech Republic were presented to whole families in June 2012 at the Bambiriáda 2012 festival. Several members of our community participated.
  • Organization of the first year of Wiki Loves Monuments started in February 2012 and continued through the whole year. The contest is about to start in September this year.