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2011 Financial report[edit]

This is the edited version of the 2011 Financial report prepared for the mail vote. It is based on a report, presented at the General assembly on 17th March 2012, but rejected by majority vote.

During 2011, the Moneybookers account was first unblocked and then closed. The remaining finances from it were moved to our Reiffeisebank account; this was caused by the Moneybookers' account conditions. When a new account in the Fio Bank was opened, the financial assets were separated into several account, based of their nature (bound, unbound etc). The board decided earlier to keep this account active for at least 2 years. During late 2011 there were already 18 000 CZK in donations to it.

The financial resources for 2011 originated mostly from the Wikimedia Foundation grants system (approved already in 2010, but successfuly initiated in 2011 when all proper infrastructure related to the grants was finished). Some of our money were also obtained as gifts from our partners and donors and as the membership fees.

These finances allowed us to undertake many kinds of activities related to the promotion of the Wiki movement and obtaining media for Wikimedia projects. However, we were unable to change our address, as we intended in order to gain a better facility, and to finish the professionalization of the chapter. We asked WMF to financially support this in the 2012 budget.

Like in the previous years, thanks to the Wikimedia Foundations fundraising, we were able to reach many donors, who contributed to the WMCZ financing. Some of them provided donations of thousands of CZK and we would like to point at least some of them out: Mr. Štourač, Sedlák, Gabrovski, Štefanovič, Tykvart, and Holešovský.

When speaking about companies, which provided significant donations for Wikimedia Czech Republic in 2011, we would live to give a honorary mention to the following companies: Dukan, Česká spořitelna, Microsoft, Neoluxor, Active 24 and REMAX/Ano (participated in the Photography of Zoological Gardens project). Some of them contributed to the development of our chapter by donations of physical nature too (during various fairs and exhibitions) and by manufacturing the "Prizes for development of Czech Wikipedia".

Original (1. 1.) and final values (31. 12. 2011)[edit]

  • Cash (CZK): 8 866 /12 968
  • Moneybookers (CZK): 990,10 / 0
  • Raiffeisen (CZK): 284 636,82 / 18 488,52
  • All accounts (Fio - 2010)
    • Chapter-related (CZK)
      • 2600138934 Current account 0 / 3 026,29
      • 2500141562 Savings account 0 / 70 235,89
    • Bounded finances (CZK)
      • 2700098490 Current account 15 000,12 /18 678,64
      • 2700140329 Savings account 0 / 37 419,39
    • Grants related accounts (CZK)
      • 2900098495 Current account 0 / 8 742,23
      • 2700141567 Savings account 0 / 258,25
    • Grants related accounts (EUR)
      • 2500098496 Current account 34 259,47/ 274,78
      • 2000140328 Savings account 0 / 30 180,46


Accepted donations from natural persons (a few dozen donators) totalled 46 150 CZK, while we were given 20 000 CZK by the "legal persons" (2 subjects - Dukan Praha s. r. o., RX-Ano s. r. o.) . This was 66 150 CZK in total.

Interests from current bank accounts amounted to CZK 7,108, foreign exchange gains (particularly related to the Grants accounts) amounted to 20 886 CZK.

Membership fee total was 6 800 CZK (there were 34 members).


The expenditures of Wikimedia Czech Republic in 2011 can be sorted into bound and unbound. The bounded expenses (i.e. reserved for a specific purpose) are represented, for example, by all the expenses of the Mediagrant and Presentation&Outreach, plus some finances that originated from our donors.

The unbound expenses are mostly of an administrative nature, or financial rewards.


The expenditures of Mediagrant (64 166,50 CZK, please see, "payments" section) can be divided into two groups: long-term expenses, that mostly constituted for payments of various long-running subgrants, and single payments - for short-term events. Most of the funding paid out was in fact used by Photo of Czech Villages (FČO) and Protected Areas (CHÚ) participants, but also (to a lesser extent) by the Jewish Monuments (ŽP) and News (Události) subgrant participants.

When it comes to the single one-time purchases, this meant mostly the purchase of an expensive camera and other photographic accessories (to be used by all interested members of the chapter), photoworkshop costs and other single events linked to no subgrant (applied directly to Mediagrant).

Presentation & Outreach[edit]

The Presentation & Outreach expenditures (76 637,80 CZK) can be divided into two groups: long-term expenses of various subgrants (fairs / media activities / GLAM) and single events (i. e. purchase of a video projector). This is similar to the approach of Mediagrant.

A reward (45 000 CZK) was also paid to Danny B. for organizing various activities linked to the Presentation & Outreach Grant.

Other bound expenditures[edit]

During 2011, there were 2 partial scholarships for the Wikimania conference (Danny B. and Juandev - the former chairman, both 15 000 CZK) paid from the bounded finances, plus also the 3rd and 4th run of Prizes for development of Czech Wikipedia (we hope that the rest of these finances will be later used for new kind of activities, like for example WLM - Wiki Loves Monuments) or the 10 years of Czech Wikipedia Concert supported by Okino.


Total income for 2011 was 100 944 CZK, total expenditures for the same year were 252 564 CZK.

Total profit for 2011 was -151 620 CZK.