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Wikimedia Serbia Report
February 2012

Live meetups[edit]

During February two live meetups were organized. Beside that, Wikimedians had an opportunity for meeting and socialization during Open GLAM conference, internal meeting, and Free Knowledge multimedia event.

Board meeting[edit]

The first expanded meeting of Board members and the Secretariat was held on February 7. During three hours meeting, the main discussion was focused on reorganization and current internal obligations and on reporting their current situation. WMRS Board adopted a proposal to hold meetings monthly, every first Wednesday and possibly more than once a month if that was necessary or at the request of Board members.

During the regular monthly meeting, beside regular internal matter, Board discussed opinions regarding Chapters Council. Board decided to support the forming of the Chapters Council, and to support the KISS model with elements of model B for which there are capacities (e. g. paid Executive Board). Board also concluded that chapter delegates must not be in dependent relation with Wikimedia Foundation, but may be chapter board members or chapter staff. Board gave Nikola Smolenski the authority to represent Wikimedia Serbia in discussions regarding Chapters Council at the Chapter Conference 2012. The resolution was published on:Одлуке_Управног_одбора

Bank account change[edit]

On February 3, Wikimedia Serbia officially stopped using services of Alpha Bank, and switched to Bank Intesa. Accounts in Bank Intesa thus became primary, and after closing the Alpha Bank accounts the only accounts of Wikimedia Serbia. WMRS now accepts RSD payments on account 160-361757-38, and foreign currency payments on account 00-540-0000021.6

8th regular assembly[edit]

President Ivan Nador announced the regular assembly of Wikimedia Serbia. On assembly, members accepted the minutes of the previous assembly and formally accepted new members of WMRS. Financial report for business 2011 was also accepted. Present members unanimously selected Filip Maljković as the assembly secretary. More about 8th regular assembly here:Осма_редовна_седница_Скупштине

Meeting with Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts[edit]

Meeting with Museum of City of Belgrade[edit]

WMRS Board member, Miloš Rančić, had informal talks with staff of Museum of City of Belgrade, and on that occasion he presented the concept of WMRS activity and Wikimedia projects in order to accomplish cooperation on future projects. Museum expressed a desire to cooperate with WMRS. Both parties agreed that another meeting with concrete ideas is needed.

Web 2.0[edit]

Youth Center CK13 organized public debate about the websites for sharing free information and content. As part of program, the audience had the opportunity to watch film The Truth According To Wikipedia. After film, WMRS representative Mile Kiš held a two-hour discussion about Wikimedia Serbia and Wikimedia projects. He also gave an interview to local TV stations.

Financial meeting in Paris[edit]

At the Financial meeting in Paris held from February 17 to 19, WMRS representative was Filip Maljković. Along with WMRS, the meeting was attended by representatives of 17 chapters and representatives of WMF. After returning from Paris, Filip submitted a detailed report to the WMRS Board.

GLAM Conference[edit]

With the support of Register of National Internet Domain of Serbia, Wikimedia Foundation, Youth Center of Belgrade and EUnet, Wikimedia Serbia organized the first WIKI GLAM conference in Serbia named Open Wiki GLAM of Serbia. The event gathered around 80 representatives of GLAM institutions and University. Conference program consisted of 6 parts. More about the GLAM conference here:

Internal GLAM Meeting[edit]

Wikimedia Serbia and its GLAM team organized an internal meeting with Wikimedia GLAM representatives from India, Italy, Hungary, Macedonia, France and Czech Republic. The idea was to share impressions about the Serbian GLAM conference, and about opportunities for cooperation, sharing of information and experiences. The meeting was held in the offices of Serbian ISP EUnet. More about this meeting here:Састанак (SR) or The Internal meeting (EN)

Free Knowledge for Free People I[edit]

First of the six planned events for WMRS capacity building was held on February 24th, 2012. Around a hundred of guests gathered at the REX cultural center. The idea for the first part of the program was to inform the guests about Wikimedia and free knowledge. Two short films were shown, La Sierra and La Selva, as well as the Truth in Numbers trailer. After this, speakers of WMRS and Razmena veština (Skill Share) addressed the guests.

Protest against ACTA[edit]

After the Internal GLAM meeting, WMRS members and Wikipedia editors unofficially participated in the protests against ACTA in Belgrade.

Lecture at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade[edit]

At the invitation of a Faculty professor, Dragan Satarić held an introductory lecture about Wikimedia and Wikipedia for the students of the third year attending the Internet business course. During the lecture, students were informed about the principles of both Wikipedia and Wikimedia Serbia. Dragan and the teacher's assistant explored the possibility of including students in the project of writing term papers on Wikipedia, and further consultation regarding this idea was agreed on.

Creative Commons[edit]

At the beginning of the month, Wikimedia Serbia, as the only "host-organization" of Creative Commons Serbia project registered the domain. Wikimedia Serbia intends to make further efforts in order to enrich this website with new information about spreading Creative Commons culture in Serbia.